Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Apparently I am ignoring you

Sorry about that. I lie a lot... Its probably would be a problem if I had a conscious but instead ... I have the internet.

Makes no sense but that's fine.

Sorry about ignoring you and lying that I would be back. But nothing has really been going on that I need the internet to know. My brains as messed up as usual except now I have netflix to distract me so that's always a good time.

Anyways that's all I had to say for right now. I will try to at the very very least post some pictures more often of random crap.

Here's one of Winston. He was legitimately asleep like this for a while. Snoring and everything. It was super uncomfortable for me as I was trying to draw Colleen's birthday card and his head was jabbing into my side.

Anyway have a nice day!
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