Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Precedent and Expectations

Hello all.

As previously mentioned in the post prior to this I said Crystal and I needed to discuss rules. Now, instead of doing this in blog form we ended up doing it over email and text messages. This is basically how it went down:


Crystal - *cringes* please calm yourself


Crystal - why are you internet yelling?


Crystal - Maybe we shouldn't do this.

Tanya - *cries*

Crystal - ugh fine.

Tanya - HOORAY!

Now this is more or less what happened. only ... less. Crystal has not yet at all suggested she backs out. We even took the time to craft up a lovely schedule to make this all the more interesting. By interesting, I mean commitment filled.


So this is our schedule. Monday and Thursdays are Challenge Days. Monday, Crystal responds to a challenge and provides me with a challenge and Thursday I respond and provide hers and round and round until we run out of ideas. Tuesday and Saturday are my random days and Wednesdays and Fridays are Crystal's random days - they may get actual designations later should we decide so in the future. Sundays we have off because no one needs to read this craziness seven days a week. Also, we are lazy.

It makes more sense if you look at the color coding I think. But yes, I am thinking that perhaps I will eventually make my other days have a meaning but to do that I will need to first get the hang of this stuff and see what kind of challenges Crystal provides. Can't really have my alternate days stepping on the toes of the magical challenges otherwise it defeats the purpose.

Now, I know what you are all saying: "But Tanya, yesterday was Monday and Crystal has yet to respond to your initial challenge, being that it is now TUESDAY is there not some kind of punishment for her failing to meet her obligation?" and to that I say, Why yes mysterious goody-goody, Crystal did in fact miss her deadline. And yes, we have discussed the need for punishments/bonus challenges should we miss our days. The problem is, I don't know what kind of excuses are valid. You see we had only made the schedule yesterday while she was at work so she expected to be able to answer when she got home. She even started it, I can see there is a draft, however her internet wasn't really working so she couldn't get things to work properly.

So I ask you, the internet, do we let it slide this time because it is the first time or does that set a bad precedent for future tardiness? Also Crystal, opinions? Seeing as how you would be getting the punishment I suppose you may be bias however if it were me what would you prefer? Also, please answer the challenge soon so that I have time to prepare for whatever glamorous and exciting challenge you have developed for me.

Anyways, let us know if you have any opinions on things we should do with our random days or suggested punishments for Crystal. Seriously Crystal, we are so happy you are here... by we I mean me. SO HAPPY! I am calm I swear.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Challenge Rules!

Alright Crystal, I am going to propose to you some rules for these challenges. Mostly because I am bored and waiting patiently is not really my style.

Rule #1 - you have seven days to answer a challenge

Rule #2 - you must include a challenge for the other person within the seven days

Rule #3 - failing to either respond to a challenge or provide a challenge for the other person results in a BONUS CHALLENGE that you must complete in addition to the current challenge you have not done. They will continue piling on each week you are late/do not provide a challenge.

Rule #4 - VETO RULE - if you receive a challenge you absolutely do not want to do you can veto it but you will HAVE to complete the next challenge given no matter what.

So please review these rules and in your response please let me know if there is anything you would like to change or modify or add. Keep in mind these are fun silly challenges that really don't require much thought into. Also keep in mind you are nearing the end of your first week so you need to answer soon if you don't want to have DOUBLE CHALLENGES. Or whatever your better idea will be for an alternative title.

In other news, while I patiently wait for Crystals 15 random things about herself I am plotting my next few challenges for her. Although I only have the next one planned... Brace yourself, it's going to be exciting and great and full of interesting things! Or it'll be awkward and boring and make no sense. Either way.

How does my office get so messy so fast... This is annoying.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Alright folks, things are changing around here! For the better though because I am boring and we all know that. So to help this, I am bringing in the coolest kid in town: CRYSTAL! She is going to be my new blogging buddy on this and together we will take over the internet! Or you know... not. We will probably just share things that we think are fun, and make little challenges for the other to complete.

So, everyone be nice to her. Which is funny to say because she might be the only one who reads this but whatever.

To start this off, Crystal, please tell us all a little bit about yourself. (Just not too specific because you know, the internet and all. Attack squirrels can only protect you from so much.) You know what... edit - you need more structure for your challenge and it needs to be slightly more challenging. Tell us fifteen things about yourself. That is a nice first post for you. ANNNDDD GO!

[caption id="attachment_395" align="alignnone" width="646"]Welcome from all of here at Yellow Shoes! Welcome from all of us here at Yellow Shoes![/caption]

Monday, July 22, 2013

I need a buddy

Hi! I went to a wedding on Saturday and still, two days later my legs have not returned to normal. I think I must have either torn every muscle in my calves OR am just so incredibly lazy that dancing like a fool is too much. Probably the latter but whatever. It was super fun and totally worth walking like a robot for 2+ days.

Motivation keeps alluding me at appropriate times. Every time I have a few hours that I could get a lot of work done I somehow end up on Youtube. Its a dangerous place. especially because there was the big Comic Con just last weekend and now YouTube is filling up with all the glorious panels and interviews and that's what gets my geek juices flowing. I live for interviews. I know its weird. But I could absolutely spend entire days watching interviews. I used to want to have my own talk show when I was a kid because I would watch the Rosie O'Donnell show and thought it looked like so much fun but now I more or less think it looks a bit spooky. Especially because I watch a lot of the interviews and I see how many times they get asked the same questions, that has got to get annoying. All the fancy famous people must hate that.

I guess its part of the job though so they just have to put up with it. There should be some kind of required ... reading? for the interviewers though. Stop asking the same questions. Not that I would be able to think of anything different though, I can't even think of anything to talk about here which is to no one. Maybe thats the problem, I need someone to have interactions with. A Hank to my John if you will... only Crystal gets that, its an internet reference. lol. *Hint, crystal... you should join this adventure and then it will be more interesting!* Who doesn't want to here Crystal and I banter all the time? NO ONE!

That could be interesting though.. we can take turns and then its not only my fault when it goes dead!

Anyways... What else can I talk about today...

I got nothing. Crap.

Although you know whats kind of annoying? Having to mail things. You know what I used to love, MAIL. Now I hate it. You want to know why? Because I hate buying stamps. Because I am cheap as all *swears*. I don't want to spend the like under one dollar cost to mail something because I am cheap. So pathetic on my part really. Its under a dollar.

This is really interesting stuff isn't it? Ya, real super fascinating. I can't even think of a good lie that would make my life sound more awesome. Its that bad. By bad I mean boring. I should.. just leave for now. Perhaps come back and try again tomorrow. I forget what the hell I used to do here. I will go read and figure it out. Also try to convince Crystal to blog with me.... I am going to post this on the internet before even asking her though. So that will be like super big let downs to the ... one of you reading this who isn't Crystal. Crystal you can't let Grampie down. Just kidding, he will just hate you if you do. Just kidding. Or am I? I am. I will stop now.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alright fine

I will try to update this. I suppose a lot has changed but also not really anythings happened.

Update #1: I currently don't have a job. My contract is up with my previous job and so I am in the process of trying to figure out what to do. Also I am working on my book so that I don't have to hate what my job is so much. So that is one big thing I guess. Mostly means that I get to sleep a bit more and then also that I am extremely broke.

Update #2: There is nothing else really. My life is pretty lame I guess.

Just working on writing. Well mostly I am working on trying to become motivated to write more. I have like.. two chapters of absolute garbage that I hate for my book but I need to get to the good stuff so I can go back and rewrite it so its all witty and smart sounding. Which I am not so great at because I am rarely witty and for sure not typical-definition of smart. I am more or the knows-too-much-about-pizza kind of smart. Also I have the focus of a baby. I write like three sentences and then tend to get distracted and need snacks and bathroom breaks and check the internet breaks.

Needless to say its not going well. And now I am procrastinating with this. But that's probably okay because I have been completely ignoring this. Although its not like I have a rabid fanbase so its not so bad.

So for now on I will do what I can to write some jibberish in here like 4-5 times a week. okay? deal?

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