Friday, November 23, 2012

Scratch Card Logic

So, today is not going very well for me so far. I assume this means that something really awesome is destined to happen today. Or that I will die. But let us all hope for the first option okay?

So here is my totally logical reasoning that may or may not highlight my slight gambling addiction.

Do you know when you buy one of those scratch cards? Like the Bingo or the Crossword or the no-longer-available-but-was-the-best-because-i-always-won Tetris? Well, when you are playing those and you are scratching off the letters/numbers/pieces etc, and you are winning right up from the start and you're getting all kinds of squares and words lining up perfectly and you are thinking "Oh my god, I am totally going to win the $75,000!" and then they only give the worst letters/numbers by the last few when you are one space away from winning? That's part of the logic.

You see, when ever I have had a scratch ticket, I am going to go with Crossword for now because its easiest to explain and I have no words at all forming. I have like three tiles scratched off and they are in no way making words, then all the sudden you reveal the elusive E or A and then all goes according to plan and all the sudden you have like 5 words and 100$. This has actually happened to me. I literally won $100 without knowing it. I thought I had maybe won $3 but nope, the man at that gas station put the ticket through the blue machine and out popped the happiest song we all know and love and across that glorious screen read: "WINNER! $100!" and then I thought it was some kind of mistake so I ran away like a criminal.

Moral of the story, When things seem to be going awful, they are just trying to trick you so that you will be so surprised when you all the sudden get something awesome. When things are going to well, the world will make you trip over a curb and make you fall on your ass in the middle of a busy downtown street in front of a bus and a taxi and several other people walking to work at 7AM. This is a metaphor obviously, totally didn't happen to me today. Just like how I most definitely did not kick my entire foot on the metal leg of my desk. Nope, just a normal day for me.

Now, please excuse me while I go mend what ever shattered remnants I can find of my pride.


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  1. I enjoy that logic - and in most part, it is extremely similar to my own

    I didn't know you won $100? man I could use like.. even 3 dollars right now lol.


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