Sunday, March 10, 2013

Motivate me ... please?

Hello the internet.

I desperately need to start working on my book, however the getting started is really hard. There are only so many times I can allow myself to write out my plot and character descriptions before I need to start putting pencil to paper... Well, fingers to keyboard and start clackiting away.

I think my main problem is that my "inspired" times come when they are not really desirable. Like when I have other crap I should be doing or when my house is too noisy to focus my thoughts. That was part of the reason that Nanowrimo was so great because I had a legitimate excuse to all the people around me.

When they would say things like "Tanya, the glaring light of your computer screen is turning your skin blue, please go outside!" I could reply with, "Not yet, word count not met. Also we live in Canada and its November". Or things like "Tanya, I don't think you have showered in a week" I could just say things such as "No need to shower, not leaving the house!"

The problem with non-november is I have very little excuse - at least one that seems valid enough. I do need to start... Which I will do... Soon. The planning is fine. .

I also have a meeting in the works with the Book Doctors. I bought their book after entering this contest that I didn't win and so I get a free 20 minute consultation with them which is overwhelmingly cool. However I think I should write at least some of the novel before I bother them with questions. Very exciting either way!

Anyways... this is not interesting or relevant to anything (because you know, the rest of this blog makes so much sense).

Have a nice rest of your time traveled Sunday! Stupid day light savings. Tomorrow I get to wake up at what would have been 4 am yesterday. That makes no sense to anyone but what you need to take from it is I am displeased and will be very tired.


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  1. Just write because you want to ... the same reason I eat chocolate, Kris plays video games or Dozer pounces on Cairo... Just because its FUN and you like to! :D No excuse required. The good ole "Just because' is more than enough. Or you could go with " Im writing because this will be my breakout multi million dollar novel" Thats always a good reason too.
    [ps: if this posts twice, just delete one... your website tried to eat me briefly]


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