Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Imaginary Friend

Create an imaginary friend (human or not).

Tony was a neat beast, his feet looked like hands and his hands looked like kitchen utensils. Specifically the left was a ladle and the right a spatula. Tony had the pinkest of pink skin, so pink that it was often times considered to be the inspiration for the color of pepto bismol. What happened was Tony was good friends with the inventors, he had given them the idea to create something that you could drink so that you wouldn't feel sick after eating all the terrible foods he would serve, in return the rumor is they decided to make the medicine Tony Pink. Another rumor about his skin tone is that it is simply so pink because he is actually made of pink Muppet felt. No one will ever truly know the answer because Tony is a mute. Also he doesn't speak English. His language is unknown to our kind. The only way he was rumored to be able to communicate with the makers of the Pepto bismol was through modern dance. He is a beautiful dancer. While everyone tends to use the expression graceful as a swan, swans tend to utter, graceful as Tony, when they are away from the judgmental ears of humans. Mostly because swans know that if humans found something more graceful than them then there would be legitimately no reason to keep swans around. Especially if they could figure out a way to reproduce Tonys. Tony stands three foot seven and two thirds of an inch. His nose is shaped something like a tiny trumpet and when he sneezes (which is often due to his allergies) it always comes out as a perfectly pitched E flat. His eyes roughly the size of dimes but were just solid black like a marble, make some people feel uneasy but I always like knowing that his peripheral vision is hazy at best. This is beneficial due to his raging temper and his ability to run extremely fast and also because his influential nature, he tends to quickly recruit animals to follow his lead and attack his victims. Needless to say the ability to slip away quickly when he gets mad allows you a safer get away. See, while he is a vengeful creature, he is also extremely forgetful and as long as you stay out of sight for thirty six minutes he will have completely forgotten his anger. I am afraid I cannot tell you more about Tony because he is currently in the witness protection program and any other information may give him away to the large variety of criminals and psychopaths currently looking for him.

So that was my first attempt at these prompts. let me know what you think. You really get no choice in the matter but it would be nice to hear from people on the internet. It gets so lonely in the real world. Is it sad if I am in no way kidding? Whatever I am going to hang out with Tony.

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  1. I, for one, am happy you are writing again.... I missed reading your fun stories LOL I don't want you to give up on writing (by having to work too much) Don't give up your passion! I know you love writing and yes, I can see how NETFLIX can get in the way of that, but you know you love it - it takes dedication and work to triumph over the evil comfy couch combined with endless tv, but I know you can do it ! Promise us - your loyal readers - that you will continue to write - to entertain us with the inner workings of your brain - to amuse us with trying to figure out the thought process involved wherein you create (for example) the Tonys of the world :) We've missed you !

    HAPPY you are writing again !!! love ya lots xoxxo Mom


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