Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Remember Me?

Oh Hi!

I guess you may have forgotten about me and my dear friend Crystal. You see, we have been... how do I say this... Lazy. I guess she has a better excuse than me with the ol' Two-jobs and way too much to do thing. I mostly have no excuse. I have been super busy work-wise and when I get home I have no motivation to do anything other than fall deeper and deeper into that lovely cavern I call Netflix. Its endless I tell you. ENDLESS.

The main issue is a lack of inspiration about writing topics. Without Crystal providing me with challenges I have nothing to say. Especially right now given that every day is basically a carbon copy of the day before. I mean what has really happened to me since you last heard from me... Nothing. I mean I did Nanowrimo again, and then there was that whole... Christmas thing. But other than that my life consists of Netflix and a lot of driving around.

I was at chapters the other day and I discovered this book:

642 thingsAnd so now I have some inspiration. By inspiration I mean a lazy way to have other people tell me what to write about without having to wait for Crystal to not be so busy. I can't really promise a schedule right now because its me and I have commitment issues but I do intend to prewrite a bunch of the prompts so that when I am bored at work or even if Crystal wants to still contribute (strong hint..please contribute also..everyone likes you better anyway) she can. Anyways, some of these prompts are short, some of them are a bit more involved. Some are silly, some seem to be more serious. We will see where this goes but hopefully it is fun. I should also mention I picked up the 642 things to draw as well so some may just be random pictures because drawing is fun also.

I will begin soon! STAY TUNED!

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