Monday, July 22, 2013

I need a buddy

Hi! I went to a wedding on Saturday and still, two days later my legs have not returned to normal. I think I must have either torn every muscle in my calves OR am just so incredibly lazy that dancing like a fool is too much. Probably the latter but whatever. It was super fun and totally worth walking like a robot for 2+ days.

Motivation keeps alluding me at appropriate times. Every time I have a few hours that I could get a lot of work done I somehow end up on Youtube. Its a dangerous place. especially because there was the big Comic Con just last weekend and now YouTube is filling up with all the glorious panels and interviews and that's what gets my geek juices flowing. I live for interviews. I know its weird. But I could absolutely spend entire days watching interviews. I used to want to have my own talk show when I was a kid because I would watch the Rosie O'Donnell show and thought it looked like so much fun but now I more or less think it looks a bit spooky. Especially because I watch a lot of the interviews and I see how many times they get asked the same questions, that has got to get annoying. All the fancy famous people must hate that.

I guess its part of the job though so they just have to put up with it. There should be some kind of required ... reading? for the interviewers though. Stop asking the same questions. Not that I would be able to think of anything different though, I can't even think of anything to talk about here which is to no one. Maybe thats the problem, I need someone to have interactions with. A Hank to my John if you will... only Crystal gets that, its an internet reference. lol. *Hint, crystal... you should join this adventure and then it will be more interesting!* Who doesn't want to here Crystal and I banter all the time? NO ONE!

That could be interesting though.. we can take turns and then its not only my fault when it goes dead!

Anyways... What else can I talk about today...

I got nothing. Crap.

Although you know whats kind of annoying? Having to mail things. You know what I used to love, MAIL. Now I hate it. You want to know why? Because I hate buying stamps. Because I am cheap as all *swears*. I don't want to spend the like under one dollar cost to mail something because I am cheap. So pathetic on my part really. Its under a dollar.

This is really interesting stuff isn't it? Ya, real super fascinating. I can't even think of a good lie that would make my life sound more awesome. Its that bad. By bad I mean boring. I should.. just leave for now. Perhaps come back and try again tomorrow. I forget what the hell I used to do here. I will go read and figure it out. Also try to convince Crystal to blog with me.... I am going to post this on the internet before even asking her though. So that will be like super big let downs to the ... one of you reading this who isn't Crystal. Crystal you can't let Grampie down. Just kidding, he will just hate you if you do. Just kidding. Or am I? I am. I will stop now.


  1. I especially liked the surprise cat at the end. I guess I could go back to blogging a bit but I'm sad today. Today is a sad day because all I wanted was to go for a walk with a dog and worry about her sleeping well and things and I don't get to do that. I guess I can worry about whether the cat will sleep well and not die in the night, but that's more or less a constant and all consuming fear.

  2. I can set it up so you can blog on thi sone even and we can become partners in crime! You can even email in things when you are bored at work!We will find you the perfect dog :)


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