Sunday, July 28, 2013

Challenge Rules!

Alright Crystal, I am going to propose to you some rules for these challenges. Mostly because I am bored and waiting patiently is not really my style.

Rule #1 - you have seven days to answer a challenge

Rule #2 - you must include a challenge for the other person within the seven days

Rule #3 - failing to either respond to a challenge or provide a challenge for the other person results in a BONUS CHALLENGE that you must complete in addition to the current challenge you have not done. They will continue piling on each week you are late/do not provide a challenge.

Rule #4 - VETO RULE - if you receive a challenge you absolutely do not want to do you can veto it but you will HAVE to complete the next challenge given no matter what.

So please review these rules and in your response please let me know if there is anything you would like to change or modify or add. Keep in mind these are fun silly challenges that really don't require much thought into. Also keep in mind you are nearing the end of your first week so you need to answer soon if you don't want to have DOUBLE CHALLENGES. Or whatever your better idea will be for an alternative title.

In other news, while I patiently wait for Crystals 15 random things about herself I am plotting my next few challenges for her. Although I only have the next one planned... Brace yourself, it's going to be exciting and great and full of interesting things! Or it'll be awkward and boring and make no sense. Either way.

How does my office get so messy so fast... This is annoying.

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