Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Alright folks, things are changing around here! For the better though because I am boring and we all know that. So to help this, I am bringing in the coolest kid in town: CRYSTAL! She is going to be my new blogging buddy on this and together we will take over the internet! Or you know... not. We will probably just share things that we think are fun, and make little challenges for the other to complete.

So, everyone be nice to her. Which is funny to say because she might be the only one who reads this but whatever.

To start this off, Crystal, please tell us all a little bit about yourself. (Just not too specific because you know, the internet and all. Attack squirrels can only protect you from so much.) You know what... edit - you need more structure for your challenge and it needs to be slightly more challenging. Tell us fifteen things about yourself. That is a nice first post for you. ANNNDDD GO!

[caption id="attachment_395" align="alignnone" width="646"]Welcome from all of here at Yellow Shoes! Welcome from all of us here at Yellow Shoes![/caption]

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  1. glad to see you are getting back into your groove.. Grampie is not the only one reading and hoping to see you succeed ! You know I'm you're biggest fan! xoxoxo Love Mom


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