Monday, September 30, 2013

Best Friend Tag - That Poor Squirrel Edition

OK! So lots of quizes lately, I know, but it's a fun way to get to know Tanya and I. And you get to see what terrible friends we are to one another. For instance, in this recent post I realized I had no idea who Liz Merriweather is, nor why Tanya would want to be her. It totally makes sense, of course. I'm just an idiot. THAT'S ALL *hearty laugh* Tanya on the other hand did extremely well on her half of the best-friends-newlywed-game and I'm sure that she would be given a new 2002 Cadillac as a prize or something. Very well. I am a terrible friend, that's all. Tanya is great.

So here is one more quiz to prove how little I know about my best friend whom I love and adore and think the world of (please still talk to me):

  1. How/When did you meet? The year: 1972. The place: A board room. Seven people in wheelchairs sit at a circular conference table with an unlabeled pop can in front of them. They are told to take a sip and to describe the effects the soda has on their tastebuds. Miraculously, they all get up. Many a cured person tweeted in joy. Thus, 7UP had a name. (I don't know probably at Oma's house for family dinner when we were both still in onesies)

  2. What is your favorite memory of them? I still think fondly of both stories that Tanya mentioned last week. I'm trying to come up with another one. This is so damn hard. Because I have excellent memories of a lot of times and they all jumble. Like Christmas Eves? Oh and the Wonderland Trips. Playing Mary Kate and Ashley in the basement, or James Bond with Kris and Sandy. Days at the Richmond house where we would just watch a season of Greys and chat. Halloweens. Me teaching her how to make Ginger cookies and then her freaking out that your hands have to go into eggs. Russell Fair weekends with the girls. Burgers. Pizza nights. That time we went to see that Mel Gibson movie and the theatre was empty except us. Gym days. Every day. Seriously. I talk to her sometimes and it just makes my day better because we're hilarious. If I had to choose one, it would probably be the experience of writing Fierce for Sandy. It was a labor of love and sugar. We weren't even Christmas shopping yet because it was still early, but we were wandering around the mall and went into Home Sense and there stood this ridiculous horse. Anyways, Tanya ended up going back for it because we came up with this nonsensical back story which ended up being told in a book. We sat in my Glebe apartment until 4am one time just laughing our asses off about the possibilities of TAaalKIngg LiiiiiiikE tHIs in A TeEEXT. It perfectly demonstrates how freaking nuts we are when we are together.

  3. Describe her in one word: myperson fits perfectly. I could also describe her as Thatshortonewhoiscreativeasalleff

  4. What is Tanya's dream job? She'd be an emmy winning sitcom writter of a hilarious comedy that everyone loved. They'd be the new Frasier of award nights.

  5. What is her favourite makeup brand? ohhhh jeeze. Ok well I know that she likes Benefit when we creep around Sephora . Otherwise Maybelline? I know she likes their mascaras (because they are great)

  6. What annoys me about her? Her complaining about me being late lol. I do not have a car and the OC transpo is not my friend. I'm either 20 minutes early or 20 minutes late. All the time. Everytime. If anything, I'm annoyed by my own place of residence because it's never convienent for her and I swear to god it's the most frustrating thing trying to park downtown.

  7. If you could go anywhere in the world together where would you go? K well Tanya's champagne birthday = HP world for sure. I've been trying to find a good deal on a hotel for the past two weeks and I think Christmas = good deals? No? Suggestions anyone? OTHERWISE anywhere. Tanya would make anywhere fun. I think mostly I want to go to England with her and show her all the pretty things and the hills and stuff. She'd like it there.

  8. Favourite inside joke? Clicked like a South African. That poor squirrel. Dancing Pope. T-Pain. Cool Rider - so many to choose from.

  9. Who takes longer to get ready? The hair puts it past the mark. The answer is Tanya. I take way longer in dressing rooms because I make outfits, but I generally plan what I'm going to wear while I'm trying to sleep the night before. 15 minutes out of the shower and I'm good to go.

  10. Heels or Flats? Predominantly flats, but I love all of the heels she owns. She picks good shoes.

  11. Pants or dresses? Generally black pants but she looks so adorable in dresses that I can't even...

  12. Favourite animal? Monkeys because they're smart. She's an animal person... She has a lot of elephant stuff too because elephants are great and thennn also dogs because girl's best friend

  13. If her house was burning down what would she save? I laughed so hard at the truth in Tanya's answer. As long as her dogs were out, I think she'd save her photos? Is that a thing that is possible? She'd just grab all the photos.

  14. Comedy, Horror or Chick Flick? Comedy or chick flick woohoo

  15. Favourite movie? uuuuuuuhhhhmmmmm oh god. Grease 2. I'm sticking with that.

  16. Favourite TV Show? FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother or New Girl.  Also Gilmore girls and greys and now she seems to be addicted to SHIELD too. Wide range.


Et voila! Complete! :D

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  1. I think everyone should be addicted to Shield now... because... Coulson...!


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