Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slow Motion Reunion

This evening (Well I guess its now yesterday but I am not here so sh) I am bringing Sable (my lovely dog) to my lovely sisters house for a sleepover. Because I am going away my hairy monster of a dog needs somewhere to stay with someone who can tolerate her immense shedding regime.

Lucky for me, Sandy bought a farm and said Sable could have a few days of a play date with Ajax, her super adorable son (granted hes now 12) whom she used to live with when we all lived together. I am really hoping they remember each other, I am sure they will. But I am more hoping that they run towards each other in slow motion with their hair flapping majestically in the wind. Although Ajax just got shaved and Sable is more fluffy then anything so her hair doesn't exactly flap.

Anyways, I think I will film their reunion because its going to be adorable... If they remember each other. If not, then it will be a super awkward next week for her because she isn't really one for other dogs and takes a while to warm up. Although that's kind of the rights you get as an old lady.

Tonight I need to pack. I first need to pick up a whole bunch of stuff I forgot... I meant to buy new underpants because no matter how many loads of laundry I do most of mine have vanished. I need to find a whole bunch of socks.

This is our first road trip together just the two of us. I am hoping that it will go fine and hopefully we don't get lost. We tend to get lost driving to places we go on a regular basis so its not looking so good. I really hope it goes well. I have all the hotels booked up until the very last night where we don't quite know where we will be yet so we couldn't pre-book. I am so excited and I hope I see a whale.

The best thing about vacation: Not being at work.

I got to remind my boss this morning that I wasn't going to be here, and the first thing he said was oh well who will help me? Nice people. I don't care. Tomorrow I will sleep in until like.. 7 which is two hours of sleeping in so that's awesome. Maybe, if I get all ready and packed tonight I can sleep in even later.

Anyways, I need to try to make a few more posts for while I am away, I am not going to promise anything of quality because... you know I have such high standards as it is. But you know.. I will be on holidays. Hopefully I will have some awesome stories for when I get back though!


  1. "I am so excited and I hope I see a whale."

    my dear god, you're just so adorable.

  2. Your diagrams of Ajax and Sable are remarkably accurate :) LOL


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