Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday is a Dirty Trick.

Ten things I would rather do then go to work tomorrow:

1. go to the dentist
2. have blood taken
3. give a massage to a fat old man with back hair and tiny monkeys stuck in his skin folds
4. clean my office (no I haven't done that yet, don't yell at me I will get there...)
5. shave my head
6. run a marathon
7. eat a banana (stupid devils fruit)
8. learn a new language and be forced to present to their leader the importance of their continued alliance with Canada in which my failing to convince them would commence a battle.
9. perform surgery on a batman
10. live off of only cold scrambled eggs for 6 months.

Do you see how much my job is stupid?

Dave and I watched most of Office Space last night and it made me a bit nervous that I easily hate my job twelve and half times more than the lead character and that I would feel absolutely no guilt in stealing 300000$ from my company should I have the knowledge of how to do it. Granted, I would never be able to do that, nor would I because I lied, I would totally feel guilt... It would probably follow me around like a hunchback possum screaming in my ear once every hour and that would make my days pretty uncomfortable at best.

Sunday is a nasty trick. you wake up all happy you have another day off but the closer it gets to bed time the more you realize that you wasted the last two days and that you have not done literally any of the thousand things you promised you would do. My office is still a disaster, My laundry is not even done (I did put in one load though! Yay me? PS Who ever thought that laundry should go in the basement needs a solid slap to the forehead. Who the hell wants to walk their clothes down some stairs only to walk them back up an hour and a half later? Anyways this tangent wont help anything.) Also, I am no where near packed for our trip. I don't have a single clue where my camera charger is and that is unacceptable.

At least my car is finally fixed. Now I need to get used to driving like a regular adult again and not like a prepubescent boy stealing the car when their parents go to the neighbours to drink wine coolers and discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I really need to start watching that to see what all the fuss is about.

Anyways, until tomorrow folks!   

PS: I love to push the spell check button and watch my post turn completely yellow. I suck at spelling/typing.

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