Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome! and Beware .. Maybe?

Hello everyone.

Today I am going to try to introduce myself. I am really bad at it because basic social concepts are a bit over my head.

First of all my name is Tanya. My dad says I am named after someone in Rocky III and my mom says that hes crazy, but either way that is what my name seems to be.

I grew up in a tiny little town where about 80% of the population knew me or my family and did not hesitate to wave and honk at you if they saw you walking somewhere. The town has its own special wave. If you should hear a car honk, no matter the direction it is going, you throw your hand up and wave. The most important aspect of the wave includes a slightly pointed finger and the gracious country nod. Usually you don't end up seeing who it actually was, but I can tell you from experience this conditioned response is really hard to kick and presents many issues when in the city.

As most people do, I had the experience of temporarily living in the city while in University. It wasn't even the most heavily populated part, not at all near downtown, but to me, it felt as if I moved into a box in the middle of time square. I will talk about this in great detail later/eventually, but first I will continue to introduce myself.

After lasting almost three years in "the big city" I bought a house. Granted I was only 22, but I did buy a house. Me and my boyfriend moved into the teeniest town we could find that was still close enough to a Walmart and a Costco.

Now we live there in our happy little bungalow with our two dogs, learning all the "joys" of owning a house built before either of us were born. Its all good fun, just a bit hectic and expensive.

So, what else do you need to know about me? Well... I would like to one day write a novel, hence the blog as I have been told any kind of writing is good practice. I am slowly becoming geekier the older I get, recently becoming really interested and addicted to Batman comics and random comic book toys. My most recent acquisitions include two plastic batman masks and a Thor hammer made from NERF material.

So that is pretty much the bare basics about me. I will try to tell you stories about my life of how it is, and was and why I think its the way it is. I blame a lot of my confusion of society on the fact that I grew up in such a small town that was so sheltered that you had to drive 15 minutes to get to a Tim Horton's, which if you live in Canada you know what a big deal that is. If you don't, just understand its a long ways to go for coffee.

Now, just so you don't think I am boring... I have quickly drawn up a pretty cool stegosaurus for you. I will have to develop my friend further when I am not at working trying to quickly doodle something before my boss or anyone else peeps into my cubicle. But for now, here is the temporary stegosaurus to keep you guessing as to what the heck goes through my mind... here's a clue: you probably don't want to know.

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