Sunday, January 6, 2013

BIG News

Hello everyone!

Today I have some very exciting new to share. Well actually I have two exciting Newses to share. Whats the plural of news? I have two exciting pieces of information to share! Yes, that will be easier grammatically.


I am going to CUBA! For a whole week. It should be fun I think. I am really nervous for the whole flying part because I have only gone in an airplane once and I had my dad with me who knows everything about airplanes even how to crash them so I wasn't too scared. (Side story, once my dad crashed an airplane, moving on). This time its just me and Dave going to an all inclusive resort. I am mostly just nervous for the flying and the getting from the airport to the hotel. I have been assured that there should be people to direct us to the appropriate mode of transportation so I should not worry, but telling me not to worry tends to make me worry more about being so worried and then I start to hyperventilate and forget to use punctuation. Ya. So, Once I am there it should be exciting. Hopefully they have good french fries there because I intend to eat nothing but. Also, I don't know the luggage restrictions but I need to bring basically an entire suitcase filled with sunscreen. I am built of apparently flammable material so if the sun sees me it will turn my skin into raw tomato skin and light it on fire. Other than that, it should be amazing.


This is the best news EVER guys. I mean, life altering, forever changing my outlook, inspiring, amazing, happiness inducing, heart warming, best news ever kind of news. A new little bundle of love will be joining my household shortly. Ha! Grandparents are you breathing? I am not pregnant. I said this was GOOD news. I AM GETTING A PUPPY! not just any puppy.... A PUG!

[caption id="attachment_276" align="alignnone" width="2592"]better than a baby! better than a baby![/caption]

He is still super tiny, only three weeks old so I must be patient and wait until February until he can come home. Then, my blog is likely to turn into a collection of pictures of my little unnamed friend in various outfits or doing random things. It's going to be awesome.

So far we haven't picked a name. Dave didn't get to come with me to meet him because he was working so I brought Sandy with me - mostly to protect myself from buying three pugs and shoving them into my pockets. I could have taken more time to actually pick.. there were two left to pick between. See, there was a picture of the father in the ad I replied to and she had raised the father from another little from her other pug, and when I got there and said he was the most handsome little man, she said that one of the babies was likely to look a lot like him. I was then hooked. She put this little man in my hands and then i didn't let him go. She had the other one also, who I am sure is just as glorious and adorable but I was just addicted to this tiny fella. He started to lick me and sucking on my fingers because he was hungry. It was adorable. It was near impossible to take a picture because he was all squirmy but how cute is he right? It hurts my heart a little, I can feel it stop beating every time I see his picture. Which is a lot because that picture is the background on my cell phone right now.

So that is all I have to say for now. I need to go finish taking down my Christmas tree. It is one of the very saddest days of the year for me... admitting its over is like killing joy for another 11 months. Also, I don't really enjoy the process of taking shit down. It's annoying and involves much walking up and down the stairs.

Oh! One more funny thing: I was taking down some of my tree decorations and realized that my Batmobile lost a wheel, and if you ever went to elementary school  you know that this is hilarious.

[caption id="attachment_277" align="alignnone" width="2592"]So my batmobile lost a wheel... So my batmobile lost a wheel...[/caption]

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