Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thoughts from work.

So I am currently at work, and am emailing this thought in for you to read because it feels like a legitimate question in the face of extreme bordum.

Today the man came to set up my scanner. He emailed me and said "be there in a tic", henceforth making me think "hmm, must be british". Then a few minutes later, a skinny little red haired man arrived, and was -you guessed it- british.

Here's my concern, who in their right mind leaves England, a country that while I have not been there looks pretty awesome, to come work in the IT department in a boring Ottawa building.

Here are the potential scenarios:
1. On the run from the law after committing a horrific murder. 2. Witnessed a horrific murder and was relocated as a protectional service.
3. Faking the british accent because a skinny goofy looking red head has little hope of getting the ladies without the added mystique of being european.

Not sure which it is, but clearly these are the only options.

Although as a disclaimer I would like to say to red heads, that you are lovely and the ladies love you. My garcon is actually a red head. He is pretty fancy!

Anyways, back to work!
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