Monday, January 21, 2013

She's Back!

Hello everyone!

As you can see I am back. Luis the squirrel informs me that no one tried to break into my house or car, mostly because there is nothing of interest in either. He is rude like that. I am glad my house is in good shape, minus one dead fish, but whatever he isn’t all that fancy.

So, in a clever plan to not forget any of my trip and also so I can relay it all to you lovely readers I brought a big notebook to write in every night. Want to know what I did instead? Fell asleep. The latest I ever stayed up was about 11:40 on the very last night because I was excited to go home. Also because the bed was not very comfortable and it was near impossible to fall asleep despite being exhausted.

But really out of the whole trip, the only complaint was the beds. Everything else was super awesome. I will give you the highlights because I don’t think anyone wants to hear a play by play.

Catamaran Tour: Get on a neat boat with a cool net thing at the front so you are suspended over the ocean in places. Boated over to the Dolphararium, apparently this is a word, and go into a dolphin tank and hug, kiss, hold and pet a dolphin. Dave and I dawdled after our turn in the dolphin tank and got to go get a really cool picture in another dolphin tank of them jumping from the water to kiss me.  After dolphins we went snorkeling in the ocean. Then we boated to an island for lunch which was very tasty and then played on the beach for a couple hours and then boated home. It was a very nice day.

Jeep Tour: Drove around in a big convoy of jeeps with a couple from BC who were really nice and adventured around. Went to a cave and Dave went swimming. Then drove to a place to snorkel along a coral reef which was much harder than I anticipated. Then drove to a farm thing for a lunch which was iffy but the place was kind of fun. I held a couple baby goats which was amazing. They were so light and soft and cute and I want to get a goat when I get a farm one day. Then we went to another farm that grew various fruits and ate sugar cane and then listened as the lady was saying how the chemicals cause cancer and how cancer is the biggest cause of death in Cuba. Then Dave turned to me and said “Yes, it’s the chemicals not the constant chain smoking cigars and gallons of rum consumed.” And we laughed and then were glared at a bit. Then we drove back and went to the hotel.

So those were the two big things that we did. Otherwise we were wandering the resort which was nice and pretty big. Played in the ocean a lot and did a lot of walking. I think I may be in slightly better shape than when I left which is weird.

This is super awkward writing… Mostly because I don’t think anyone really wants to hear about my trip because I live in Canada and everyone else was in the cold while I hugged a dolphin, and also because I am sitting in the tunnels under my work on my tiny laptop and strangers sat down next to me. These ones don’t ever ask if its okay, they just glare at me until I move my bag and sit down.

Oh well, not my table I suppose.

I should have gone to the Tim’s but it’s too cold to go outside. Although then I would have had internet… I am actually typing this in Word and I will copy paste it later. My plan today was actually to start writing but I haven’t written in here for a long time and I missed it.

So what did I miss? I know I missed a lot probably… something cool had to have happened. I did miss the announcement of ADAM FREAKING WEST coming to Comicon. So now I hope I can go. I kind of NEED to go. But I really don’t know how it works, I know there are big lines and stuff unless you buy this 200$ pass and I don’t think I can afford that. I have never been to Comicon but I feel as though it might just be where I belong. I need to go on EBay and get my comic book collection caught up. Since I changed jobs I am now too far to walk to the comic book shop at lunch time so I am like… 6 months behind. It’s upsetting.

Tonight I go visit my petite poochy! I hope he is still adorable and that his head is growing nice and round. It was so hard to pick one when they all kind of look like sausages… but I think he will be awesome no matter what. I also don’t quite understand how the lady who has them can tell them apart… they all looked mostly alike.

Ugh, I so don’t want to go back to work. My job has succeeded in sucking all the relaxed and rejuvenated feelings that I had gained in the last week in the first two minutes of arriving. Today I had this horrible feeling that I had been fired and someone forgot to tell me. I got to work, my office had a stack of boxes in it full of stuff, my chair was gone, and when I checked my email there was one saying the pay department cancelled my pay until my boss confirms that I was coming back. It was weird and stupid and my boss agreed that it was dumb. Really just wanted to run away as soon as all of this happened.

I need to escape again… I just need to go hide in a cavern built of mattresses and duvets. Otherwise known as my bed.

Anyway, I guess I should go back to work…. Well, spell check, save and then go back to work. Then I need to remember to put this online when I get home, but if you’re reading this then obviously I am more clever than we thought.

Okay so I opened this to post this post and apparently I dropped my laptop again like last time and now its techno coloured and hurts my eyes. i don't know how to fix it, last time I just left the computer alone for two months and it was fixed. Let's hope this happens again because I don't want to have to buy a new netbook.

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