Monday, February 11, 2013

I fought a Robot

So, Sandy, Crystal, Kris and I all had an adventure. By adventure, I mean we went phone shopping for Sandy and this resulted in me getting in a fight with a robot. I never do well around my own kind.

What happened was this,

Me: "Hi Siri"

Siri: "Screw you bitch"

Me: That is uncalled for, you are rude. Tell me where McDonald's is"

Siri: "There are five McDonald's close to you, asshole"

Me: "You are a smart ass"

(screen reads "You are Smart") Siri: "Thank you."

Me: "You are a Jerk Siri!"

Siri: "Now, Now"

Crystal: "Ooop, it told you."

Me: "This isn't over Siri, it will never be over" *plots evilly*

This was followed by another visit to another phone place, where we had already been earlier. When he said, why don't you want an Iphone and Kris answered "Because Mac products are stupid" they burst into pretentious laughter. I didn't know maniacal laughter could be pretentious, I also didn't know that workers of the service industry were allowed to openly laugh at customers. If I did that when I worked at the depot I would have been fired. They openly laughed and snarkily remarked about my phone, being all "ooh, hows your blackberry treating you" and I was all "Just fine you smug son of a bitch" but only half of that's true. I only said the second half. ... not really, I am not that ballsy.

Oh well. Phone people don't like me but I do always get discounts when I go.

Kris, Crystal and I did leave several terrifying pictures on the Ipads at best buy. Take that consumerism... I would love to be a part of your devilish ways but you expect me to pay for you... Get your head out of your ass. That won't happen.

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