Thursday, February 21, 2013

Postemptive Punches

Today seems like a day where everyone deserves to be punched in the arm.

Even if they haven't done anything today, you know they either did something before and got away with it, or are planning it do something in the future. Its a preemptive punch. Or a postemptive...depending on which it was... What's the word for that. I'm the worst writer in the world. According to google its reactive.. But its probably a delayed reaction so I doubt that's the word I want. New word invention time:

Postemptive: (post-emp-tive) when some did something days, months or even years ago and you are only reacting to it now. Usually includes a punch or two. (Interest can be added, doubling number of punches should the action deserve it). Opposite of preemptive

There. Fixed.

Good thing they invented the internet so idiots like me can make up shit and pretend like we don't suck at life.

Moral of the story: today, everyone deserves to be punched in the arm.

Even me. But only if its by like... A small child or a skinny woman. Mostly because I bruise like a really old banana. And also because I feel that because I am the one who not only realized that today is a punchy kind of day but invented a new word, that you should cut me a little bit of

Its just one of those days where everything is stupid. Except my sweatpants. Those could do no wrong. Sent on the TELUS Mobility network with BlackBerry

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