Sunday, February 10, 2013


I am pretty sure I had something to say yesterday... I was all "I will totally make another post after the Winston post because some people may not like pugs (btw unless one ate your face then no excuse they are awesome.)"and then I got distracted.

Inner me was all "hey Tanya, yes you, the one perpetually wearing sweatpants, go exercise now dammit." (not sure if the word perpetually applies here but the inner me has a terrible vocabulary)

then I was all "but, up here there are teddy grahams and puppies."

Inner me was all, "Ya but you're fat."

And the I cried ... but not really. Because when robots cry they start to rust and I seem to have lost my oil can.

And then inner me was all, "If you go on your treadmill you can go watch some more episodes of season one of New Girl."

And then I was all, "Are you trying to bribe me?"

And then inner me was all, "No I am trying to save you from becoming one of those 700 lb people who need people to roll them over every six hours to check if there are any living things trapped in your rolls."

And then I glared at inner me for a minute and then she was all "Well, if you exercise then you can eat KD. It is counterproductive but at least if you move then you will be less sloth-like."

And then I was all "You're pretty mouthy for someone who is a figment of psychosis?"

And then inner me was all, "Well screw you cow."

And then I laughed and went to work out because I figured being a robot-sloth-cow who needed a designated rotation specialist was a bit much. I will stick with robot... I just need to track down that stupid oil can.

[caption id="attachment_330" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Very realistic looking robot. I paid a lot to hide the mechanics. Very realistic looking robot. I paid a lot to hide the mechanics.[/caption]

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