Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of the World

So, according to some folks that Friday Dec 21 2012 is the end of the world. I am a little fuzzy on whether it's in the morning or at night or sometime during the day, but according to some calendar the worlds over.

What I don't understand is ... my calendar ends every year and I don't think the worlds ending. Is it more true because its old? I have some really old calendars in some random drawers, they are not more accurate than the new ones.

Perhaps there is just another Mayan calendar? maybe there is a "page 2" somewhere that was never found. I really know nothing of this because I am extremely uneducated on things I don't care about because I am lazy like that, so instead, here are a few things that I would be okay with ending instead of the whole world.

1: Advertisements on YouTube videos that pop up on the bottom of the window and bug me...and then when you go to close them they suddenly grow taller and then you click the ad and end up on some horrible website.

2: Working at a job I hate but I would like to keep the paycheck...or win the lottery.

3: World Hunger... I should be less selfish.

Things I would like to happen after Dec 21st:

1: Foods with a lot of calories should make you lose weight instead of gain weight.

2: sitting in a chair should make you muscles grow.

3:How I Met Your Mother should get another season... I am not done with it yet.

4: The lottery needs to be more winnable. only by me though.

So it's almost Christmas. I have been overly distracted from you my lovely blog friends. But, I will do what I can to be better and more focused.

Does anyone understand why the end of the Mayan calendar means the end of the world? I just don't get it. And having an anxiety disorder does not really do well with all this doomsday stuff so I don't really watch those "documentaries" so maybe I don't want to go.

If I don't ever talk to you again, the internet, it was nice knowing you. I hope it isn't you lost in the end of the world. That would be unfortunate.


  1. Is this supposed to be the last season of HIMYM??? I am so not ready for it to be overrrr....

  2. It might be :( They aren't confirmed whether they are coming back or not... I really hope so though.

  3. Thats just depressing :( Im not done with that show yet!


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