Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year New Computer

I a most likely unnecessary purchase, I bought a new computer. Well... technically I bought it a few days ago but it just arrived today.

I have no idea how to use windows 8... there are too many things that make no sense. Why my computer needs apps is beyond me. But I will try to figure it out.

My theory of buying it involved it being extremely on sale, and I like new toys. Also, I wanted a better computer for the next year because I plan to start writing my books. I can't focus when I am writing on my crappy old laptop that I have had forever. (By forever I mean second year university, so really not all that long...)

I wanted something a little bit more trusty though. That one doesn't hold a charge so if you unplug it you have about 10 minutes to save everything before you're doomed. So it was basically a desktop computer, but because I hated the keyboard I had to get a second one which then took up my entire desk. Highly unpractical.

If I am going to pretend to be a writer, I should at least have the tools to pretend right? Anyways... I thought you should know that I have a new computer. I need to install all my software and what not so I can use my fancy tablet thinger for drawing. I also need to teach this computer that "thinger" is a perfectly acceptable word.


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