Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Bloatmas

Here is a haiku for you:

Pants too tight for me
Belly hanging over edge
Need to join a gym.

I wish it weren't so freaking expensive to join the gym. I want to use their machines, but it costs so much money. I should probably look into it though because I can't wear sweatpants to work and my jeans are slightly too tight right now.

Dave and I had technically 7 Christmases in 3 days. We still have one left.

Here's how it went down:

1. Dec 23 - Dad's family Christmas

2. Dec 24- Dad came over for me him and Sandy's thing

3. Dec 24 - Dave's Parents appeared at the same time

4. Dec 24 - Cousin Christmas - arguable my favorite Christmas. No offense everyone else, but there is something special about our own tradition we have maintained for I believe we worked it out to be 8 years on our own with just the four of us.

5. Dec 25 - Mom's for breakfast - I woke up early and made crepe batter and brought it over and made many many crepes! Grammie and Grampie came over, hopefully they enjoyed their gifts and their breakfast!

6. Dec 25 - Aunty's for Dinner - tasty turkey and yummy taters and good times giving nerdy gifts to the girls.

7. Dec 25 - Dave's grandparent's house which was a lot of singing Christmas songs over Skype... the same three songs over and over. I don't mind Christmas carols, but I don't fully get why we had to ding the same ones each time? But at least we made it there.

Now, tomorrow night we are going to Dave's mom's house for ANOTHER dinner.

So needless to say... I have been eating a lot. However I still just want to keep eating. I need to get a tape worm or something. Then I can continuously eat but then it will stop me from getting fat. It will probably kill me... but at least I could eat ice cream more often.... That's a horrible thing to say. I do not condone weird bugs inside of you to make you thin. That is just gross.

I am currently watching the episode of Full House where "Mister Stephanie" accidentally cuts Uncle Jesse's mullet off and then he gets in a motorcycle accident so he has two broken arms and is currently trying to make cereal. Good times. Its Danny Tanner pep talk time everyone!

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  1. The key is to just get a cold on New Years, that prevents you from wanting to eat for a week.... or more. Does wonders for the bloatmas!


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