Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ITS CHRISTMAS... well almost

Ladies, Gentlemen, and the voices in my head without defined genders (don't worry mom I'm kidding... they totally have genders.) It is DECEMBER.

I know, you're thinking its been December for twelve days, wake the eff up. Well here is the thing. I have been busy okay. I know I used that excuse all of November but I promise it was mostly true. I had crafts to make, obscene quantities of cookies to eat and tree to set up.

You know, if you are not directly related to me you may not understand that I super love Christmas. I don't know why I do, but I really do. Most of the time. At least in theory. It always becomes a big hassle in the end but in theory its magical.

People tend to give it a bad rap because they are all "blah blah commercialization of Jesus" well, to those people, I am not religious. I like the commercialization. I like trying to figure out gifts I can give to the people I love just to make them smile. I like having twinkly lights on my house so that it makes people happy when they drive by. I like eating disgusting quantities of Christmas cookies.

So if you don't like eating cookies, being creative or lights... then I am afraid that a small part of you might be dead. Don't feel bad though. Most of me is dead, pretty much all that's left is the part that loves Christmas and the part the loves ice cream.

So, I don't have anything really interesting to say. I just felt really bad not updating this. I miss you all... even though I talk to you all in real life all the time. If anyone is not someone I talk to ... then you are bonus points awesome. People I talk to probably feel obligated to read this, if you're doing it voluntarily you are super cool. Those who feel obligated are also pretty awesome though, so don't feel bad.

I am going to go wrap some more presents. I will put some pictures up soon!!

Oh also, go check out Am I Cool Enough for a Moustache. It's an instant classic. I swear. I am not biased I promise.


OH! PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY! I know you don't read this but I am saying it anyways. I hope you like your comic book and shelf!!!

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