Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Letter Of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I have known Tanya R. for 23 years and can attest to her ability to outperform any candidate you may have considered for this position. I am writing to offer my highest recommendation to Ms. R, a cherished friend and trusted advisor. She would be well suited for the position of “Highest Grossing Fiction Writer Ever”, as demonstrated by her past achievements, as well as her personal aspirations.

Tanya’s creative nature is arguably amongst the finest in the world. Her ability to circumvent expectation and pursue unusually twisted plots allows her to fully explore all expects of her own imagination. She gains inspiration from self reflection and occurrences in her own life which she subsequently transforms into a story of epic proportions. People of all ages are oftentimes in awe of her stories; they are thrilling and present such inherently human characterizations that each one proves hard to put down. She cares about each person she fabricates which is demonstrated through her background knowledge for even the most tertiary character in her story. This is also a testament to her organizational skills. Suffice to say, she’s got them.

Her creativity has been present throughout her life, though released through a variety of outlets, such as stenciling, dancing, painting, drawing, playing music and paper crafts. These artistic vehicles have effectively produced a well rounded yet freethinking adult. Tanya is able to communicate through these each of these art forms in a playful manner, though at the same time, she elicits a deeper emotion. Not to sound too overwrought, Tanya s able to visualize her own story so thoroughly that she could create an entire world in a matter of minutes if she so chose.

Tanya’s own trials have offered a lot to her creativity as well. Though she is generally introverted, she comes alive when talking about writing and art. She considers each aspect of criticism and is extremely self aware of her writing style. During the time I’ve known her, Tanya continues to develop and improve in her artistic endeavors. Her own experiences translate beautifully into a world of fantasy and her imagination does not often seem hyperbolic. Until you meet the talking horses, that is. Compared to other young writers her age, she is a hard worker and understands the challenges of her professional field. Despite her incredibly busy schedule, Tanya continues to remember her life goals. She deserves success more than anyone I’ve ever met.

Her writing has always been entertaining and witty, as she is in life. She is caring and does not easily judge. She helps others make improvements in their own lives and her work ethic is undeniably strong. I could go on and on about her qualifications for this position, but I would then have to write a novel myself. I have no doubts that her abilities and determination will continue to grow. I am happy to advocate for Ms. R and I hope that this letter helped you to make an informed decision to accept her for this position.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Crystal P


You guys - I suck. I know that. I've been all over the place lately and way too busy to write. Actually, the only thing I have writen lately is a recommendation letter for myself on behalf of an old prof... I'm waiting for her to proofread it, guys, I'm not just going to put words into someones mouth. How dare you and your implications! Anyways... I got Tanya to read over my letter about how great I was so that I didn't sound way too over the top and then she said: "Uhh that letter is fricken amazing... I want you to write me daily letters so I feel competant." And it made me sad because she is MORE than competant, am I right, folks? So that's how this happened. And it's just a first draft! Too many commas and not enough good stuff. Needs to be more flow. I don't know.

And so to finish this off: things are happening and there's lots of ... stuff and things. My life is busy and I might be doing more stuff and things soon so I can't promise that I'm going to be on here regularly. It's totally fine because Tanya's the better one anyways. That's all I really want to say. BUT I WILL DO THE BEST FRIEND GAME SHOW CHALLENGE TONIGHT. Capslock makes it real.

<3 xx



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