Monday, September 16, 2013

Grampie is now Sean Connery

You know that annoying moment when you write half a post and then your computer shuts off without explanation? Stupid technology.


Not too long ago now I was given the challenge to write a movie very loosely based on my life. I did. I also had to cast the people who would play my friends, family and myself. I did that also. I only had one complaint on casting. (Granted not all of them read this). So now, Grampie will be played by Sean Connery. We wil think of a new origin story of the grandparents relationship because I don't think we can play off Sean's lovely accent as being Canadian.

So I have been mostly absent for a while. That is because I have been both extremely busy and even more lazy. I have been running around like a crazy working on some stuff that I don't feel like explaining right now because it still doesn't sound like a real thing that can happen to someone like me. Also because I don't know how to process it because its too much for someone with my brain capacity. But I will say its going well and so far it is fun enough!

I have not been writing though and that bothers me. I haven't really had the time but I need to make it because writing is the most important thing short of making sure the animals eat because otherwise they die and then thats no good for anyone.

But you know what, Crystal owes me a punishment. I missed Thursday without even an attempt to get a challenge. So Crystal: you get to think up a punishment for my untimelyness. I know you are crazy busy and hardly have time to sleep but whenever you get the chance. I think after this one maybe we will establish a temporary hold on challenges until your schedule calms down a bit so you can actually participate. Its not as much fun to do challenges if I don't get to read answers every Monday. Still though, I really want to see if you can get the answers to the ones from before so whenever you feel like doing them do it!

What else is happening...... uuuhhhm. I have a hilarious video but I don't think I am allowed to put it online because Dave will get super upset. Essentially he is outrun by the pug. and then he falls. Classic.

Oh sweet jesus my computer shut down AGAIN. I apparently cant move the chair because it will hit the desk and shut the computer down some how. Luckily this time it seems to have save its all. I think I will quite while I am ahead and run away.

Leave a comment on what you want me to talk about until Crystal comes back!


  1. So you should email me this video of Dave, because he already told me about it today and I really think it would funny to see[even though I got a pretty good demo as he explained what happened] :D

  2. Dave being outrun by a pug? How come the only story I got was the one where he was sleepwalking, drinking water and then barfing everywhere (while still asleep) Good times? LOL Sounds like there is loads of excitement at your place ... (day and night! ) LOL



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