Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Caps Lock Makes it REAL


Crystal! You did pretty good! Also because they are the hardest questions ever because I am an asshole like that. I will totally try to do yours and then hate myself for sucking at it. First to score yours!

  1. Chandler-> You are right! I said Chandler because he is the sarcastic one who is a mess 99% of the time.

  2. BooBoo? –You had it in your secondary answers. I picked Bo because he is the king of all dogs. I did consider both Fez and BooBoo but Bo was just the tops. 

  3. Jennifer Lawrence?--She was my original choice, but then in my head I was all "Oh god I don't want to mess up her career, I can't act as good as her" So instead I went with someone (this is the one I changed my answer in my notebook long before she posted this) who I guess may not be considered a celebrity so thats not fair. Liz Meriweather - she is the genius behind New Girl. I would love to be in the writers room for that show. Like super crazy much.

  4. Mario Party? I should have picked Mario Party, you see I went for depth of the game. If I had to play the same game forever I don't know if MP would satisfy all my needs. It probably would... althoguh my hand may end up being all gross and blistered. I picked Lego HP but if I could make it both games so years 1-7. That way its an enormous game with lots of fun things to do. So I guess I cheated again. I Ginger Blazerfield didn't say no cheating.

  5. A plane ticket to HP World? Oh man this was close! I did have plane ticket but I went a bit farther and went to europe.

  6. Elephant? I totally had elephant. I had puppy sized elephant to be specific *nerdfighterssign* and then I stupidly said a small sized chimp. But now I am thinking even if the chimp stayed small it would still age and once a chimp is like 2 years old they get highly agressive. So I want to go back to puppy sized elephant because how awesome would that be.

  7. You don't have to know everything? Super close! I said I would go back to high school and tell myself not to stop writing because I hated my writing teacher. Also I think I would have pushed it a lot more then not gone for photography and maybe taken writing courses instead.

  8. Eating and Procrastinating/mess? I would like to stop both of these but instead I went for a more weird thing of picking at my nails 

  9. Anxiety? That would have been a smarter answer then what I said. This is where I put that I wish I weren't so messy.

  10. Ability to be on time? For sure 100% this.

So you got 2 absolutely correct, and then 4 basically so right that I will give them to you, and four that were still right but not as I answered. Tricky game though !

Now I shall answer back about you. I will get them all the twenty kinds of wrong.

  1. If Crystal was a character from FRIENDS, who would she be? – This is tricky. She does like museums like Ross... and clothes like Rachel... but shes funny like Chandler. Hmm. I think I would put it as a mix of all three? You probably would cheat like me on this and use tricky answers. 

  2. If Crystal could bring back any pet from the dead and have it live for the rest of her life as a healthy age (not old and broken) which past pet would she bring back? – Simba. Because Simba rocks.

  3. Which celebrity would Crystal trade lives with for one year?-- I might think she may pick Jennifer Lawrence. Or maybe whoever Henry Cavill is dating right now.

  4. If Crystal was told she could only play one video game for the rest of her life, which would she pick (any system)? — Mario Party because she is smarter than me.

  5. If Crystal won $5000 and was forced to buy something instead of paying bills, what would she buy? — She might either take a trip or just flee to BC and buy a dog. Or she might just buy all the shoes. lol.

  6. If Crystal could have one wild animal as a pet (size can be modified to better fit in a house) what would she get? — Puppy sized Elephant? Shes been a nerd fighter since 2007 it seems appropriate.

  7. If Tanya could go back in time and tell herself one thing, what age would she go to and what would she tell herself? – She might go back and say to stay at her job at the museum she worked at in high school. Because that's more experience and might help her now. Or maybe she would talk to her high school self and just say - its okay to not know whats going on but it'll be okay one day, also, your BFF Tanya just gets EVEN MORE AWESOME every year so at least you have that to look forward to. (amiright?)

  8. What irritating habit does Crystal have that she wants to stop? — Procrastinating? That or being late. they kind of fit together. I am noticing now that this question is basically the same as the next question

  9. If Tanya could change one non-physical-appearancey thing about herself, what would she change? — Anxiety. - same answer for you my dear

  10. If Crystal could change one thing about Tanya, what would she change? — She would probably change me into a tortoise or something. No I am just kidding obviously. She would probably ... hmm. She might make me perhaps smarter/more intellectual so I could have more interesting opinions on the things she likes? Or she might just make me less crazy so I would pester her about stupid things less.

Sooo.. How did I do?!

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  1. I'm leaving a comment with my answers because 3 posts in two days is too many from me...

    1. Mix of all three? - PART MARKS - I did not cheat! I chose Rachel because I over react and I also like buying things to make me feel better. I make bad choices lol

    2. Simba. Because Simba rocks. - FULL MARKS - Too true. Sheba (though not my dog) was on the short list.

    3. Jennifer Lawrence. - NO! - Emma Stone *sad trombone*

    4. Mario Party. - NO! - I also thought of long term game play and realized that my palms would hurt SO BADLY. I chose Lego Batman because it's the only other game I play

    5. Flee to BC and buy a dog. - NO! - both on the short list. I chose "ticket to England + train pass to country hop like crazy"

    6. Puppy sized Elephant - FULL MARKS - hoo ha.

    7. Stay at museum, etc. - PART MARKS - I said I'd go back to me in grade 11 (prior to museum, etc) and just tell myself to make some positive life choices and realize that my life is going to continue going even if my mom's acting crazy. "Start talking to people and stop developing your fears" is what I wrote down. I think those things fit into what I want to say, soooo part marks.

    8. Procrastinating? That or being late. - NO! - Nail biting. Drives me nuts.

    9. Anxiety. – FULL MARKS - I'm the worst!

    10. tortoise/smarter/more intellectual/less crazy - NO! - You're often times smarter than me in a lot of areas and have a lot of common sense, you freaking evil genius you. ALSO you're ridiculous and it baffles me that you think that I don't love our convos more than annythinggg. I put: "talk to me about stuff more because I complain always and she does not and she is probably bored of listening to me panic" (also maybe you could be a little later sometimes ;) lol)


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