Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Challenge: Game show hosts are all secretly robots

You TOTALLY thought that I would forget, didn't you?

Well, ha. I did. And now it's quarter to midnight and I'm rushing to get this done because CAPS LOCK means business.

Below you will find my answers to the best-friend newlywed game hosted by our own fictitious Ginger Blazerfield *wink* (TM).  I left these for a really long time, so I don't know if Tanya has changed her answers or if she even remembers that I need to do this or not. Actually that is a lie. I know Tanya has changed her answers, as she told me she wanted to literally 20 minutes after she posted the original questions. So to wrap up: quick post. Superhero marriage proposal on Friday (I'm counting this as my Wednesday post) and then everything will be hunky dory.


  1. If Tanya was a character from FRIENDS, who would she be? -- This is a trick question because Tanya has traits from all the characters. But if I went with my knee-jerk reaction, it would be Chandler.

  2. If Tanya could bring back any pet from the dead and have it live for the rest of her life as a healthy age (not old and broken) which past pet would she bring back? --Uhm crap. Dude, this is both horrifying and difficult. BooBoo the boxer? I know he wasn't your pet per se, but you're an animal person and you freaking love everything to death. Bo, Fez, Dusty, Aspen, Squee, Magoo, etc. Hard to choose one. You're mean.

  3. Which celebrity would Tanya trade lives with for one year?--Jennifer Lawrence. (runners up: whoever is dating Chris Evans/Pine right now)

  4. If Tanya was told she could only play one video game for the rest of her life, which would she pick (any system)? -- I should hope that she would choose Mario Party because of our history at being awesome at Mario Party. (runners up: Lego Batman 2 for the talking parts and the less annoying camera angles, Lego Harry Potter and Katamari)

  5. If Tanya won $5000 and was forced to buy something instead of paying bills, what would she buy? -- A plane ticket and an all inclusive stay at Harry Potter World? (runners up: world peace, a bulldog, aaannnd lots of roots sweatpants because they're cozy as all eff. I'm wearing roots sweatpants right now)

  6. If Tanya could have one wild animal as a pet (size can be modified to better fit in a house) what would she get? -- Elephant. A teeny tiny elephant. (runners up: monkey, house hippo, fierce)

  7. If Tanya could go back in time and tell herself one thing, what age would she go to and what would she tell herself? -- Probably to her back at the end of grade twelve to tell herself that she doesn't have to have it all together. Or the same thing during her first year of college. I remember sitting with her at her kitchen table and she had two different programs in mind and we kind of pro/con'd them for a while and I think it was just so much pressure to choose *something* that she ended up hating what she did choose for a while. I'm glad she started kind of taking pictures again because she's hella talented. Read my letter of reference if you don't believe me. (runner up: go back to when she was like 7 and tell young Tanya to NOT run in front of the mattress *just yet* in order to avoid the screw driver Kris was throwing at her eye)

  8. What irritating habit does Tanya have that she wants to stop? -- lol the only one I can think of is eating KD. But it's so delicious. (runners up: piling stuff in her office and leaving it there forever and not writing when she means to ie: procrastinating)

  9. If Tanya could change one non-physical-appearancey thing about herself, what would she change? -- Anxiety.

  10. If Tanya could change one thing about Crystal, what would she change? -- Absolutely nothing because she's perfect. Honestly? Ability to be on time for sure. I suck at that. Or my penchant for calling everyone Dude.


TANYA'S CHALLENGE: Tell me my score AND answer the same questions for me. My answers have been written down in my agenda and I am stoked to see what you think.





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