Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hi guys!

So its thursday, AKA - Tanya's challenge day. But you see I have no challenge. Crystal will still be posting of course but she works too much and too often and I keep making the mistake of making challenges that are too long and involved.

So note for Crystal: On the That's what she said challenge I would like to offer you the opportunity to only have to pick  5 out of the 10 questions that are there. Then I will just save the other 5 for a punishment or something. I forgot the challenge before what it was so I don't know if it can be lessened. But any answers are better than no answers!

So I don't really know what to do today... I guess I could self-challenge.... but I can barely think of challenges for Crystal let alone challenges for myself.

This weeks Challenge for Crystal is to complete her overdue challenges. If she completes them both by Monday I will wave the one punishment she should get from missing this monday. Sound fair to everyone?

Anyway, its late and I am exhausted from working all day so I am off to bed!

Goodnight and DFTBA!

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