Wednesday, October 24, 2012


That's right folks. we are at 100 posts. If you have read all of them, you deserve a medal or knighthood or something. Perhaps I will have a Yellow Shoes Knighting ceremony. Me and the queen are no longer on speaking terms so it's not like she would help me. Even though the only people to have read any/all of these are most likely related to me, it's still nice to have been read - and it's still fun to write.

I tried to think up something momentous and awesome to celebrate this fine day but my brain is a bit snoozy. Also distracted. Today I had to go to the mall which was an endeavour. It really shouldn't have been, however I only have an hour and I had a lot to do and a hurt ankle so the fast-walking I usually do was uncomfortable.

In the mall, I was mildly amused/upset at the sight of American Apparel. This is not a store I ever shop at mostly because I have no money and also because I don't think I have ever even been in their store. But ni their window displayed as what I can only hope are Halloween costumes (you can never be sure with the hipsters everywhere) was the outfits of the girls of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon, one of my favourite TV shows in the 90s, reborn in what can be assumed is a very expensive form of sketchy things. The people who shop there are probably too young to know who they are. Which will make it really annoying. I hardly remember the show... which makes me really sad. I would try to find it on the internet however I believe the Canadian version was edited a lot and I have no interest in the non-edited one as I heard it was inappropriate.

So, other than that I found what I went for: A Green Blazer for my Riddler costume. This is a really boring post for the 100th. Oh you know what! IDEA! I am going to take this exciting day to announce my little plan!

Now, as you know if you are a knighted reader, Luis is my attack squirrel if you are new and are thinking I am crazy, you are probably right wrong! Please read this post first and then come back.

You back/Aware of Luis? Good.

Now, for part of Luis rehabilitation program I have told him he needs to help society. How will an attack squirrel help society you ask? Well, other than acting as my menacing body-guard, Luis will be starting is own advice column. Send your questions to about anything life, love, appropriate quantity of food to store in your tree, you know the basics, and Luis will answer you soon. Also, don't worry about identity, it will be all kept secret. (I am having problems setting up Luis' email so give me a few hours before you send anything).

Alright? So, Happy 100th people! Thanks for reading! Here is to 100 more!

[caption id="attachment_193" align="alignnone" width="2592"] Who doesn't trust the advice of an angry squirrel dressed like Sailor Moon? Email with your questions![/caption]

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