Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today is the official Nanowrimo Prep day.

The good thing is I already started plotting out my november novel.

The bad thing is I keep getting distracted from it and can't focus meaning there is no conclusion yet.

Here is how my brain is working lately:

Me: Oh, I have some time to myself! Perhaps I should finish plotting out my Nanowrimo novel for this year.

Brain: Or you could try to eat an entire freezer cake in one sitting.

Me: Well I think as nice as that sounds, that is not really healthy behaviour. Instead I will focus my energy on something that is beneficial to me and will hopefully one day help me in my desired career path.

Brain: Or, you could colour with every colour of crayon and pick your top 15 colours.

Me: Well that sure sounds enticing, but again not productive. I want to write real books one day, and even though Nanowrimo isn't about quality it is an excellent tool that I can use to get used to the structure of stories.

Brain: Or, you can spend hours contemplating the complexities of the galaxy and try to decipher the meaning of life.

Me: Well that sounds interesting, however I am in no position to decide on the meaning of life at this time of my existence. I haven't been alive all that long so any decision I made about the meaning of said life would be irrelevant. Instead I shall delve into an imaginary world where I am the creator and can decide the meaning of everything in existence.

Brain: Or, you can watch hours of television shows on the internet.

Me: Good call Brain. I do like TV. But... I should probably still plot out my novel.

Brain: WTF man. Just stop. You know your eventually going to give into my sick and twisted ideas of productive why are you taking so long to decide which?

Me: *smiles evilly*

Brain: Oh my goodness, you tricked me! All along you were stalling the decision of your procrastination. You are truly a professional at this I must declare.

Me: Thank you. Now activate these colouring fingers while I eat cake and watch hours of TV online all while secretly attempting to decode the meaning of life in my head.

Brain: Excellent. *turns on autopilot*

Meanwhile, in another part of my mind:

Desire to accomplish goals: Crap.

So the moral of the story today is: Your brain doesn't always have your best interest at heart. Most of the time its just lazy and doesn't like to talk to the Desire to accomplish goals portion. That guys a real whiner.

[caption id="attachment_156" align="alignnone" width="2592"] if only my brain would let the desire to accomplish goals take over, he may get a bigger vocabulary.[/caption]

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