Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today is a very fancy day for some. You get to wear costumes and act goofy and people give you free candy because of really strange social conventions.

For me however, it is Nanowrimo Eve.

I start my month of literary abandon tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to work. There is going to be such miniscule levels of focus tomorrow. My head will be in the land I created last year and am following up on this year.

I am pretty excited. However, my theory was that because two years ago I, along with my lovely co-author Crystal, wrote the really weird and fabulous instant best seller "Fierce" as a christmas gift for Sandy, and then last year I wrote "Pentagonia" for Crystal (less awesome but longer by a lot because it was my first Nano book and I was a super keener), this year it should be Kris' turn to get a book.

See, every year on Christmas Eve Kris, Crystal, Sandy and I gather and have a fabulous time eating pizza, playing Mario Kart and doing other dorky things. We exchange gifts and they are aways awesome and random and fun. This book theory has taken it up a notch on my creative skills. I get to think of not only a card size story, but a whole book. And then I get to design the Cover, and also some kind of attached gift. (Sandy got the ever awesome Fierce statue, Crystal got the Key to Pentagonia, Kris will get something which I can't say in case he ever reads this.) He already knows about the book I think.

My main problem is he hasn't read the second in the "series" which changes style dramatically from the first. Oh well. Even if he hates it I am still going to write it.

I was working on editing the last one a bit yesterday. Holy moly do I feel bad trying to force people to read that. Which makes me feel a bit awkward about giving them as gifts... Sorry cousins... I mean well...

I love how I came here to discuss Halloween and instead I am talking about Christmas. Go me?

I am not really a big Halloween person. I dressed up this year and had fun at Crystal's party or pre-party or whatever it was. My costume turned out decent and Crystals costume turned out awesome and Dave's was intensely cheesy and together we were the coolest Batman, Riddler and Two-face EVER. Probably... I mean, we must be right?

Anyways, this has gotten horribly off track so I should go.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I hope you know how excited I am for your NaNo book!!! You are such a great writer!!!

  2. this is halloween! this is halloween! halloween! halloween! halloween! halloween!


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