Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16th

So apparently it is already October 16th. Which means three things:

  1.  I somehow missed the entire summer and most of the fall

  2. My Grammie's birthday was yesterday and I failed to call

  3. It is my sister's birthday today.

We will go through these three points in further detail now.

1: WTF time. How did it become half way through October already? I think I must have fallen into a two month-long coma that everyone is failing to tell me. It feels like yesterday I was reading four textbooks at once trying to cram for exams and now all the sudden I am done school and its getting cold out? What happened. I am so not ready for winter. apparently if I blink to hard months pass so I will try to be careful and not miss Christmas.

2. Happy Birthday Grammie! I am so sorry I haven't called you yet. I do have something for you however it is not large. I need to print out your card still which will feature something adorable maybe and I will drop it off on the weekend when I have my car! (Not that its missing but Dave has it at work which makes it tricky and by the time he's home I am half asleep in my sweatpants unfit to drive due to laziness.)

3. Sandy turns 26 today. Who is Sandy? Well that is a silly question. Sandy is my big sister. You should know that because if you are reading this chances are you are related to both of us. Hi Mom. But for those strange and glorious folks who somehow found this and are not a blood relative, Sandy is my older sister who I must say is pretty fancy.

You see, Sandy and I have not always gotten along perfectly. I think that's a normal sister thing. I watched a home movie when I was home sick the other day and at Sandy's grade 8 graduation ceremony, as I held the camera she walked by me and says "You're going to die" in a threatening tone. This occurred often, however not so obviously caught on tape.

In recent years, now that we are much less moody (or at least we now know moodiness is cured by chocolate) I seem to receive less death threats unless in the context of a video game or board game.

The important thing that I would like to say about Sandy on this the anniversary of her complicated birth, is that I am very proud of her. Sandy has changed a lot in the last however many years since high school. I guess its 8 years for her? I might be wrong. But in that time Sandy has decided what she wanted to do and more importantly, actually gone for it. Even if I sometimes don't understand why or how she manages to do certain things, she makes it look easy to follow your dreams. She works very hard, I know, however she gets to do what she loves every day and I can't wait until I get the point of confidence that she has that I can abandon the easy path and face all my fears of trying to make my dreams come true with the ever-present likelihood that I might fail. She is always one of the first to be supportive and encourages me to follow through with the things I spend years planning. So, Sandy, this is a big blurb of gushing but I wanted to say thank you for being almost annoying optimistic and for having a weird amount of faith in everything you do even when it seems risky. And more importantly thanks for having faith in me!


That's enough of that.

Moral of the story is: This year is going by too fast, my grammie is cooler than yours, and my Sister is a grown up now in theory and thats strange.

Oh! And more important moral: I now have an excuse to eat cake. (Dear Sandy: We should get together some time to consume cake anad play Mario Kart. I don't care if your a grown up, you still have to play with me!)

Here are the Part 1's to both the birthday girl's gifts. A lovely original Yellow Shoes Post-it art:


[caption id="attachment_150" align="alignnone" width="2592"] a Pirate Unicorn for Sandy[/caption]



[caption id="attachment_151" align="alignnone" width="2592"] A Pirate Kitty for Grammie! There's a theme apparently.[/caption]



  1. awwww this is a great post (and HI right back at ya! LOL) You do know that I am proud of you and support YOU in your plans to become an author... You WILL get there someday very soon !!! xoxxoxo Love ya tons ! Mom

  2. I feel super special now... thanks :) <3 xoxo


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