Monday, October 8, 2012

I am back.

Alright I am back.

I know I didn't earn a break because I am not important or anything but I needed a little one while my body adjusted to a new life-source sucking chair.

That's right ladies, gentlemen and grandparents: I started my new job two weeks ago now and it sucks just as much if not more then the other one. Hurray. The new job is one of those jobs that has consistent things to do, however the options are really like choosing between a stab in the eye or a punch in the throat. I won't complain too much about it right now because I have other things to complain about, which is why you are all here right, to let me vent my obnoxious whining about my life that probably isn't as bad as I think it is? no? you just were sent here accidentally looking for something about "Rocket Powered Shoes", "Powered by Sweatpants" and my personal favourite, "Bear eating a Taco". Well those will come soon. (P.S. those are some of the search terms that people have used to find my blog. Not making that shit up. Sometimes I love the Internet so hard.)

So, you want to know what else has been happening to me lately?

Well on Thursday my phone died. Tragedy. I was looking forward to lastly the entire three years with one cell phone. I had 5 months left. I made it 2 years and 7 months with the same cell phone and I was in no way sick of it. However out of nowhere, as I was sitting doing my job enthusiastically as possible, a low rumble started to vibrate across my desk. looking down I became afraid. Shifting ever so slightly, my phone moved towards me. The noises slowly grew louder, building and building, finally erupting in a blood curdling cry of pain and horror. As the screaming grew even louder lights began to fill the spaces between the keys. Blue light was shooting out of all the joints. As I pick up my phone I could see that it was not simple blue light, but a flame. I held my phone up off the surface and looked at it as the plastic melted. As the seams split a figure emerged. A small blue dragon unwrapped its wings like a butterfly free of its cocoon. Flapping its wings into my face it hissed one last blue flame into my eyes and flew off into the office.

Needless to say I spent my Thursday lunch time trying to get a new phone. The guy working there was clearly all into IPhone and kept trying to sell me the most obnoxiously large phones they had. Its either that boys don't understand that girl pockets are smaller and therefore do not have room for the larger phones, or they simply don't care. Also, when I say: I would like my exact phone but the newer one" I do not mean, "Please try to convince to buy something I never wanted so that I will have to learn an entirely new interface and shave down 90% of my thumbs because that's the only way a touch screen keyboard will even work for me." I left with the phone I wanted. With a pretty sweet deal. Bringing in my old phone got me a trade in value of 60$ because you know, official dragons releasing raises value, and my new phone was only 30$ with a new contract which I don't mind because I like my phone company enough. So basically moral of the story is that I win. New phone is fancy.

There is one really big loss with getting a new phone that I didn't think of. I was all concerned and worried about getting my pictures and contacts off my phone that I didn't think about the even more crucial and important thing: My notes. Blackberry's have this little notepad thing that you can keep all these notes. I had a bunch of them. Most importantly to you one filled of all my ideas I have for blog posts. Sometimes they are really cryptic like: guy at bus stop spits, but sometimes its actual things that are much more clear like: car. So now I have lost all my blog ideas I was still cultivating while I took my break. Hopefully there is some form of creativity left in my head that I can think of new things.

Alright, so moral of the story is that I am back. Sorry I left for so long.

Dear person looking for this, you are welcome.

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