Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sandwich Bus

Good Afternoon my fellow internet-lovers.

I have discovered a new way to make the day not so terrible. You see, while I know my job sucks and that there is so few opportunities in he world, I still feel as though I need to take some time each day to relax. By relax, I mean take a lunch break. Before, I was spending my lunches looking for jobs on all the boring work posting sites , all of which just make me hate myself more and more each second. Now, well the last two days, I have discovered a much more pleasant place to go.

Tim Hortons.

Yes, as a Canadian I already knew the appeal. Warm beverages, tasty treats, and now free Wifi. However, as an employee I have only just discovered the need to take my lunch break. See, I didn't ever used to go anywhere at my last job. The main and most important difference between this job and that job: I used to have a door on my cubicle.

Now I have no door. I have no privacy. The guy beside me gets up to go to the printer every ten minutes, each time staring at my computer screen. I think at lunch time we are probably allowed to wander the internet, however I don't need grandpa beside me knowing my business.

I miss having a door. I can't get away with pulling out my lunch and eating quietly in the comfort of my own office because now, people may come in at any given time without knocking or warning.

So yesterday I ventured downstairs and across the street and sat in the timmies with my Nanowrimo note-book and a hot chocolate. Even though its slightly noisy there and full of people, it was still more relaxing. Being anywhere but at work is enough to calm my poor brain down enough to make it through the last few hours of the day. It also allowed me to finish planning my Nano novel, and make a plan to bring my netbook to work with me all of November and go there to write at lunch time.

I want to beat last years time. I got to 50,000 words by day 14. I must beat it. I kind of doubt it because the added bonus of procrastinating for school is no longer a factor, however I am going to try anyways!

At least it will give me some better highlights to my day that don't involve the bus smelling like old sandwiches. I mean, I am not sure how you can get much better then a sandwich bus, but I guess a writing hideout wins. If the bus started to serve FRESH sandwiches then maybe he would pull back up in front. However, that seems unlikely as my bus can't even manage to arrive at its designated time.

This ended up pretty long for not having anything to say...

[caption id="attachment_169" align="alignnone" width="2592"]Luis brightens your day Luis works the sandwich bus as part of his rehabilitation program. One day he will learn to be considerate of others. One day.[/caption]

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  1. Something about Luis driving the Sandwich bus reminded me of Rocko's Modern Life... I dont know why.


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