Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This is harder than I anticipated. Not the drawing stuff, as long as I have an idea I am golden. I did not see the inconvenience of not being able to sit up long enough to stay at my big computer. I drew the first two pictures and then I got a crazy migraine and needed to sleep for an hour. Awesome right?

Oh well I will give you the remaining 8 pictures soon enough.

So much for starting to exercise and start eating healthy this week. It was all planned. Now anything more solid than mashed potatoes feels like death. Stupid Dave. Always getting me sick.

On the sad side I now have gotten through all the seasons of Gilmore Girls. Which is sad on so many levels. most of all because its over and it really doesn't end super well. I think Crystal told me that they weren't intending on the last episode being the last episode so that sucks. I hate when good shows are cancelled before they end properly.

I need a new show to watch now.

Mostly because it is apparently horror movie season and the commercials alone scare me.

It is almost Halloween. I don't usually like it because its spooky and people try to scare me and its easy and I hate it. However we started decorating outside and it looks nice so far. We aren't done yet because Dave is in a war with the neighbours on spookiness.  all because last year he did nothing but turn on a fog machine and the wind took all his fog onto the neighbours much spookier graveyard scene. This year so far we have a skeleton and a mini graveyard and some spooky skulls. Needs some work. Also we need light. In the dark you can't see any of our stuff. Makes it a little useless.

Anyways I am going to go for now and try not to explode my disease everywhere.

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