Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dear Everyone


As you may have noticed, this is looking a little different. You see, I have invested in a new website thinger so I own my own Domain and what this involves is apparently trying to build an entirely new website out of thin air and knowledge I do not possess. What this means for you is, annoying daily changes and confusing new ways to read this. Hopefully I figure this out sooner rather than later and without having to buy anything... I just wanted my website to be fancy and instead I have just become completely confused and have no idea how to do anything. I am not even sure if or how to post this apology to you.  I also have no idea how to add pictures in a post so this one won't have a picture but it will have a promise.

I promise I will try my best to fix this site and make it pretty. Hopefully soon because I am so confused. Please don't abandon me now! You've come this far!


  1. im so confused though! I can't make any of the things i want

  2. cant help you there, but I think so far, so good :)

  3. Found your new site and I'm sure it will be awesome :) I think you are pretty S M R T and you'll figure out how to add pictures soon enough ! Good business investment I say :) xoxoxox


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