Monday, October 15, 2012


Still sick.At any moment today, I may fall asleep. This wouldn't be so awful if I weren't at work and trying to make a good impression. I am eating a ridiculous quantity of sugar at the moment to hopefully will my sickness away with sprinkled donuts.

 Normally colds don't bug me too much, well sort of they always bug me, however this one is particularly crappy. Probably because I have very little reason to force myself to buck up and be healthy. I don't need to be active for my job and it's not like I have a crazy booming social life. Although I did get to hang out with Crystal all day on Saturday and get her good and sick. I was much better at avoiding illnesses when I was busy. I could just simply not get sick. I would start to get sick, feel the tickle in the throat and sniffle in the nose, however I could simply stop being sick and instead go to work or school or write a paper on something I had researched poorly.Now that I am a boring grown up I have no reason to not be sick so my awesome sick-avoiding powers are going to waste.

Enough of that gibber-jabber whiney crap.

 I still don't know what I am doing with this new website. I tried a few different templates but none would let me change very important parts to be what I wanted or when I finally got them to change something else would mess up that I didn't mean to do. So for now this is what you get. Hopefully one day I can figure out how to make it look pretty, or the sizes so I can draw a nicer background or something. Moral of the story is that I suck at computers.So other than the annoying impossible template issue, yesterday I was surprised by a phone call. 9:45 PM my home phone rings. I knew it wasn't for me as it is never for me because A) no one I know ever calls me B)No one knows my home phone number. However the phone was beside me so I answered it assuming it was one of Dave's friends. It was not. It was a telemarketer. At almost 10PM. This may not sound bad to you "young folks" however because I apparently aged 40 years on my last birthday that is pretty late. Especially for annoying phone calls I don't want to participate in.

I feel like I may be the most bitter and cynical 24-year-old on this side of the Earth. It seems really pathetic to me that in what is apparently supposed to be my "prime" I go to bed before 10pm and think an exciting night involves new episodes of television and some freezer cake.  How sad is that? I don't even have any freezer cake left...

So summary of this post: My life is really unimpressive and looks really pathetic. Every justification I make in my head just makes it even more pathetic. Oh boy.


[caption id="attachment_143" align="alignnone" width="2592"] goodbye will to live. hello obesity.[/caption]

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  1. mmmmmmmmm freezer cake !!!! xoxoxxo You will find your "will to live" when you find the job that excites you and makes you happy and YES, they do exist!! You'll get there :) xoxoxxoo


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