Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Attack Monkeys

Because each and everyone of you failed to provide questions for me, the Q&A is not going to happen. If I was better at twitter I am sure I could find some there. Instead I will just tell you about my tiny notebook.

I have a little tiny note book. Well I have many of them. I buy them in packs of two at Staples for a few cents and they amuse me. They are tiny composition notebooks and I have used them for a variety of things.

I use ones for tracking what I eat in a day when I am being a good and smart dieter. I use one for writing down book ideas and plot points. And I now have one for my blog. So, mother, that is where my drawings go.

This tiny notebook has most of my post-it drawings stuck into the pages as well as various notes of things I can write about one day.

The main problem with this notebook is that my notes never make sense. I write them, and then forget about them for a week and when I look back at them I no longer remember what the hell "Google Attack Monkeys" means. However I will look into it because I am a responsible writer.

Oh right. how awesome and terrible is this? You have one monkey all distractingly adorable, and this guy is all "Oh, tiny monkey, you are so cute. Would you like a small snack?" All the while his second in command is all "STICK TO THE FACE BITCH!" and then poor guy is all unconscious and the monkeys steal your shoes.

So moral of the story is ... I keep my crazy in a tiny notebook. Its safer that way.

Its so full of crazy that is leaks out a bit.

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  1. Well at least *I* asked a question? LOL and thank you for letting me know the answer :) I can just imagine that your tiny notebooks are full of all your awesome diagrams and much like random poems I wrote for my mom and dad over the years, will come back to amuse you again and again in the future :) xoxoxoxo


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