Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Silent Conversations

I am pretty sure the people in my workplace can read minds.

When you walk the halls here and pass little pods of people together in the halls, you can never hear them saying words. And not in the creepy "I know they were talking about me and just stopped because I am standing here" kind of way but there just is no noise coming out of them.

I am pretty sure that once you have been here long enough that they implant some kind of communicating chip that connects you to the frequency of the other employees so that no one ever needs to speak. It is really the only explanation. It is not humanly possible to whisper so quietly that I can't hear it when I am standing right next to you but that the person sitting two feet away can hear you loud and clear enough to nod, smile, and laugh at the appropriate times.

I mean, let's face it, I have always been a little challenged on the whole "indoor voice" front but this is such an unrealistic extreme its no wonder I don't fit in here.

When people try to have their silent conversations with me, I never end up catching 90% of the things they say and then when they expect me to remember later they get offended. I mean the least this place could do would be to teach us sign language. I don't read lips, I am really not capable of doing it on a regular basis. Please just say real words to me. Or, better yet, send me an email? I can always read things. Unless they make no sense which is surprisingly as common as the silent conversations.

Today I need to get to cleaning out my desk and cabinets. Also, I need to start figuring out how I am going to get my collage home. its just so excessive and delicate. Some of these pictures are two years old now and probably going to rip before I get them home if I am not careful.

On a completely random note, Avengers comes out on bluray/dvd in just under 3 weeks! I found out that Walmart will be selling it with a graphic novel so that will be the one I get. I tend to always buy movies that come with the coolest extras. If I am going to spend 30$ on a movie, I may as well get a free comic book/finger puppets/book marks with it right? That's just good business.

I am so excited to watch it again!! My life is a bit sad that this is the only thing I have to look forward to though. You would think I would be a little more distraught about it, but I really am not.

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