Friday, September 21, 2012

Movie Dreams

Dreams are the strangest things.

Last night I had a Dream that I was going to Yale and for some reason I was discussing this after doing a triathlon.  Because the thing to do after a triathlon is reminisce with people you no longer talk to about how fun it is to go to Yale. I need to finish Gilmore Girls. I starting to do that thing I do often when I watch too much TV or movies.

I tend to have dreams which star the characters of the television series / movies I have been watching. And usually it takes place in the movie or TV show in some scene where I tend to interact with the characters changing the plot of the movie completely and then making it twenty times more interesting.

The problem with this is that as the movie gets interesting and fascinating in the dream land, I wake up. I never find out how the new better version of the movie ends. It is the worst thing ever. Have you ever been watching the best movie ever or the greatest television show only to have the DVD player break or the cable to go out? I have about 5000 movies and episodes of TV that I will never get to finish because I woke up.

Worse then the not finishing is forgetting which "movies" are real and which aren't. I constantly have arguments with people of when I try to explain what happen and they tell me I am crazy. Like the time that the cast of FRIENDS traveled via flying monkeys to the North Pole and helped save Christmas.  Apparently, despite owning all ten seasons it never happened.

Anyways, I am being a bad blogger and not paying attention to this properly. Its just because as previously mentioned my brain is exploded a bit. Also that thing is still under my keyboard and it moves every few hours and then a new button is jammed which is an unpleasant surprise.

Chandler loves traveling via flying monkey!

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  1. ....and back to work on Monday right? Better finish up your tv shows and find your "work" clothes :) I'm sure your sweat pants have had an enjoyable visit LOL


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