Thursday, September 13, 2012

None of this Makes Sense.


Being from a small town I am very used to driving behind tractors and other large machinery. Hell, I have driven large machinery on the road. There is a level of courtesy that people driving tractors usually have. The tractors in the country usually (not always) move over off the main part of the road when someone is driving behind them. They drive partially on the shoulder so that you can pass easily.

However, the city tractors they never move. They just hunker down in the middle of the road and slowly mosey up. It pisses me off to no end. I don't see why today on my way to get groceries I needed to follow a tractor up the entire way when there was a paved shoulder almost as wide as the road. I am not allowed to pass on the shoulder, however tractors can pretty much drive where ever they want because they are bigger then everyone.

Why don't they move? Why do the tractors in the city feel the need to take up the road? Its just so rude.

On another note, I watch too much TV. I honestly really should stop. I mean, I am not going to but I probably should.

I just saw a commercial for weight watchers and its Jessica Simpson. I used to hate her so much more when she was perfect looking and trying to be a singer. Now that she just does her other stuff she doesn't irritate me as much. Also because she actually gained weight when she was pregnant it makes her seem more human. The thing about her that makes me feel bad for her is that everyone thinks she stupid. Which based on her television show from a long time ago, she just might be. However the new quote that is going around makes me feel sad. I don't know if its her or the way they are spinning it. I would assume its a joke on her part. Or shes really dumb. She apparently said something that "she didn't realize the weight wouldn't all come off with the baby" I think that is a joke right? It has to be.

This makes no sense. I have no logic today. In that theme:

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