Thursday, September 13, 2012

Too much TV

So the religious channel started playing Gilmore Girls. I am pretty pumped. Except every time Luke yells "god dammit" they cut it out. Only the god part though. It's pretty funny.

I really need to remember to buy the seasons of this show next time I see them on sale. Sometimes they are at Walmart for 10$ each. however there's like 7 or 8 seasons and I am so stingy. There are too many shows I want on DVD.

I need to start working on things. But I am so lazy. Dave and I cleaned today so our living room and kitchen look nice. However when we clean the living room my office gets 100 times more messy. All the things from the coffee table have to go somewhere.

This new Lysol version of febreeze concerns me. Their commercial has the couch turning into a giant pile of garbage. Why would your couch smell like trash? I mean, my couch doesn't smell great. It smells like dogs in all honesty. But people without dogs, why does your couch smell like trash? I guess if you spill things on it it will eventually stink, but the commercial is really irritating.

I should stop watching TV, all I do is get all upset and annoyed by the commercials.

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  1. Dont forget to blog now that you are all free and whatnot!! :D


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