Monday, September 10, 2012

Parking Spot Lottery

When I go shopping I tend to be both lazy and incredibly athletic. How can that make sense? I am too lazy to park in the crowded spots up near the front and will drive to the back of the parking lot to get a pull-through spot.

This usually leads to an easy to escape spot that does not involve backing out or waiting for old people to wander behind my moving vehicle.

I don't do well with the competitive fight for the front row spots. Mostly because I am not patient enough for the process of leaving and also because its basically bumper cars on steroids. Any one who has ever been to Costco knows the true horror and tragedy involved in parking lot wars.

We went there the other day and as you try to find a spot people are backing out of spaces while children run in between moving vehicles and old people slowly meander in the way. I suggested we park at the back but Dave doesn't believe in the simple solutions that I do. However he definitely managed to get the very closest spot, however it took us around ten minutes before the various families and elderly removed themselves from our path. But its still like winning the Parking Spot Lottery because we didn't have to walk too far which is important when your lazy.

Sorry if my attention is limited today. I haven't been home all day. I was running around a lot, I had to go to my new job to sign some stuff and then I had to bus back to where I left my car. Buses during the day are filled with university students who in all honesty I don't mind nearly 1/10th as much as high school kids but I do hate being on busy buses. Then I was in Walmart and then I had to go get Dave and then take him to the doctors and then lunch and then to the evil Costco, and then Canadian Tire and then Walmart again but a different one and then finally home. So I have no attention span because I feel like jelly. You would think going to a real job would be more exhausting then just shopping... but that is part of my charm. I am unbelievably lazy.

I will draw you all a picture later because I am on the wrong computer and I am too lazy to reach my post its. Sorry!

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