Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 things.

I had a plan for this post and then my day became kind of a mess. It was a mess of cat in the hat proportions. Everything seemed disorganized, wrong and dramatic. It was all stressing me out for whatever reason. Not cool.

When such things happen, I like to think about 5 things I liked about my day. I tend to get anxious some days - specifically when I think about my future - and I find that this is a way to remind myself of things that I got accomplished. It won't always calm me down or anything, but sometimes I can make myself myself feel better by admitting that watching 5 episodes of the west wing before bed is quite the achievement. Lofty to some, I put those people to shame. It's not even my personal best.

Anyway, I learned this when I went called into student services last fall when I was pretty positive I was losing my mind. Writing so much stuff and not feeling like you're getting anywhere, along with carrying a 20-hour-a-week job, 2 internships and 4 hour courses can make anyone feel nutty. By the end of the semester, I baked 7 different kinds of holiday cookies and took many a long nap and felt much better. The point was that I called, was told that "blah blah blah my life was awesome and I didn't know it (which is true, it's an awesome life), blah blah blah you have come so far blah blah." In between what I distinctly remember as Charlie Brown's teacher talking to me, something stuck: think of things you're grateful for. Even if they're small (I read 20 pages of my text on Homeric Hymns) or big (I walked across a stage and got my diploma from a governor general), anything counts.

So I came up to get ready for bed and decided to write out my post after all, and share my five things because I did actually do a lot today that I can be semi proud or at the very least happy about. Nothing groundbreaking, but hey, we can't all be Jennifer Lawrence, can we?

1. I baked ginger cookies - Kristen's birthday present is officially done! I get to bring it to Jenn on Friday morning and she will deliver it to Kristen on her birthday. I'm pretty proud of gifts I put together, so it gets a spot on the list.

2. Speaking of, I finished part A and moved on to part B of Tanya's birthday gift (which, if you didn't know, her birthday is on Monday). I need to get some hydrogen peroxide to clean up a bit, but it's worth it. I'm hoping she likes what I'm making her.

3. I caught up at work - for today at least. We were backlogged with requests for a while and I finally caught up to it all. I also answered/returned calls which is hard for me, and wrote a crap ton of emails for missing information. I'm going into the Charlie Brown teacher voice for you guys now, aren't I? Ok, work isn't a super huge accomplishment, but I'm still new and I'm happy I got it done.

4. I cleaned the house up a bit and bbq'd when I got home. I went to the store and grabbed some beers and actually did something with my evening. Accomplishment woo.

5. I got to see captain hot pants this morning on the bus. You can conjure your own image, but I mean he's a man in uniform with a tattoo sleeve and he is kind of perfect. So check mark that is number five.


Tanya, I think I texted you this, but I can't believe you sprayed a skunk with a pressure washer? I assume it as Dave, but still. Poor little guy was probably just chillin' in his living room, popping some popcorn, waiting to watch Ellen and then BAM. No, just kidding. You didn't update me on the Noodle sitch though; I hope she's ok.

I tried to draw a picture like you do, but I'm terrible at it. Have a gif instead:

<3 dftba


  1. We didn't necessarily spray AT the skunk. Its a very long culvert and a very unpowerful pressure washer lol. Skunks fine. Besides Dave wanted it to be not living. it messed with the wiener dog. He goes into full-on attack mode if you mess with his wiener dog. Think mother lifting car off baby and such. Also, your comment about my gift (which you totally don't have to get me anything because you already got the best gift ever but moving on) sounds like something dangerous? "hydrogen peroxide to clean it up" ... if you give me a dead body and make me shovel on my birthday you are going to owe me BIG.

  2. Don't be ridiculous. I got you a new car!
    ... it's just been used recently... for a murder.
    :D happy birthday


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