Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Lying Game Reply

Wow. Crystal made that hard. Also she made it amazing. Those were three excellent stories and were all very fun to read.

Here the thing, I have the worst memory ever. I also often forget that I have the worst memory ever and make stupid promises that I will obviously remember something forever. So this challenge of using my memory or facing punishment is a dangerous one. I will obviously still attempt and be horribly embarrassed if I am wrong but complete my punishment anyhow.

BEFORE I START: Crystal I had no idea the parliament building had unicorns on it. That is by far the most amazing thing our government has ever thought of ever. Screw health care, "let's put unicorns on the most important buildings" should be our legacy. (Although if we could keep the health care too that would be great. I am so often broken.) MOVING ON...

So if you are lost on Thursday I challenged Crystal to play two truths and a lie. She had to tell three stories about her life and then one would be a lie. Then I would guess and face punishment of her choosing should I be wrong. She then replied with a lovely collection of stories to be read HERE because they are long and I don't want to re-post them all over again when you can just click and read them before this.

You follow me? We are all paying attention and ready? Alright, before we go into my choice I would like to apologize to Crystal. I feel really bad that I may get them wrong but I swear I do always listen when you talk! I promise. I enjoy it. It never ever annoys me. I am just semi-quiet I suppose and am always censoring what I mean to say in my head so sometimes by the time I have things worded in the way that is clever enough to say we have moved on to a new topic. Because that is kind of our thing. We start telling one story and then a third of the way through switch to another story and then half way through that one we resume the first one and then when we are almost finished the first one we start a third one and then when we get half way through we finish the second story and then the third story gets finished and then we wrap it up finishing the original story. Did you follow that? No, probably not - Unless you are Crystal because I can almost guarantee she knows what I mean enough to decipher the crazy. That's our deal. She can decipher my crazy and I am her sounding board when she needs a good rant. Its our unwritten rule that is now written... So I guess it's just... fact?

Anyway I am clearly stalling. I will first analyze all the stories and make my choice at the end.

Okay so story one: A Stalker at the Bus Stop - While this sounds crazy, it also sounds vaguely familiar. Although I cannot decide if it was a real thing or just described so well that my stupid overactive imagination just made a little movie of it in my head so now I think it happened. This happens to me OFTEN. I would be a really bad witness to a crime because any leading questions and I would be changing my story as needed. The thing is, I know exactly where Crystal used to have to go to take the bus, and let me tell you it was creepy. It was so strange, she lived in this fancy little artsy neighborhood that was highly desirable by the downtown people but literally on a street perpendicular was this almost ghetto. It was ridiculous. This story I am about to tell you is absolutely true: Crystal got off the bus once and we were talking on the phone so that if any danger should occur I could call the cops, she got around the corner nearing closer to her house and there in the middle of the street was a man standing with what Crystal thought was a gun. She stayed on the phone but I could hear her running and she got to her house super fast. Obviously we can't be sure if it was a real gun or what kind of gun but she thought it was a gun and based on the stories of that area it just might have been. So I am not able to discount this story as crazy just because its extra creepy.

[caption id="attachment_485" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Crystal's alleged attacker in his first  attack. Crystal's alleged attacker in his first attack.[/caption]

Story two: Lost at the Bus Station - (2/3 of your stories involve buses and 3/3 involve travel. Food for thought.) This one probably sounds the most familiar but then again my memory is a weird and dangerous place. You could probably tell me a lie all about the time I went to England and flirted with Prince Harry and I will totally remember it. Before I get confused this did not happen - yet.  Anyway, I know the friend she is referring to and this friend is absolutely the jealous type. Also, it doesn't surprise me that Montreal is all backwards and confusing because I have driven through even their highways away from downtown and they were the most confusing highways I have yet to travel so I can only imagine the terror that is their downtown core.

[caption id="attachment_486" align="aligncenter" width="245"]This is likely how Crystal felt outside of the closed bus station This is likely how Crystal felt outside of the closed bus station[/caption]

Story three: Olympians and Air Travel - I remember you going on this trip. I remember thinking you were nuts. I had never been on a plane (and still didn't go on one for many years after this) but I don't know that I would even be willing to travel on a plane alone at age 25 let alone 12. You were so cool to me in this moment. You went on a plane, you shopped at that giant mall with the water park in it and then you came home all worldly and fancy (nothing says fancy to a 13-year-old like a water slide next to a GAP). However this story of Olympians is no where in my memory. It's possible that you didn't tell me, given that I have little care of sports and even less knowledge. I tried to Google to make sure that snowboarding had become an Olympic sport by then but alas it had. You covered your bases that for sure. The question is why would athletes be on an Edmonton flight in April? I suppose they have lives they could be visiting people. The difference with this story is that you said "It was pretty rad and it’s not something I’m likely to forget." You didn't say this about the others, thereby singling this one out as different. Granted the thing that makes it different is you saying its real but that could be a trap.

[caption id="attachment_488" align="aligncenter" width="500"]THIS IS HARD THIS IS HARD[/caption]


Okay, so for this round of The Lying Game, I am going to pick Story Three: Olympians and Air Travel as the lie. I think that absolutely for sure the bus stop thing would happen and the creepy man at the bus stop sounds too familiar to ignore. I am going to guess that Crystal has yet to meet an Olympian on an airplane and that she just endured any turbulence with silent tears and light sobbing.

So Crystal, let me know how I did. And be gentle with any punishments.


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