Monday, August 26, 2013

Tanya, it's your birthday.

Good morning, world.

Today is my best friend's 25th birthday

This means that this (late) post will be a gif set in tribute to her awesomeness. Mostly because she deserves it, but partly because I didn't post on Friday and I'm semi terrified of Tanya's wrath. As she has a great many powers that she has cultivated from her grammie. Mainly, the death glare - it is really scary, guys.

So, Tanya. I know you a little better than to expect you to wake up like this:


how i metyour mother lily birthday himym how i met your mother


But you should still be pumped up, dear girl, because your birthday is an important opportunity for celebrations! Or at least fun gif sets! So gather your F.R.I.E.N.D.S.;

Get the music pumping;


And take Lydia Bennet's advice:


I know I didn't make you ginger cookies, and you don't like cake. Would you partake in a birthday cupcake if a certain special someone made them for you?





birthday - death eaters



No? Well that's all good, I don't want you to get all world-domination-y on me anyways. Just remember you don't have to have everything figured out, aside from our trip to Harry Potter world next year. Not every one has to be as anal as Paris:


So happy 25th, darling. I will obviously be texting you throughout the day, but I thought this would be an excellent way to really express how happy I am that we're friends and that you're having to deal with all this aging stuff before me so that you can let me know what to do lol.



Extra bonus gif:

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  1. This is an amazing birthday card :) Gif sets make for awesome things. You are the greatest!


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