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Challenge #2 - Impossible as it may seem...

Alright guys,

It has been a while since Tanya posted her second official challenge to me so I thought I would sum it up for you. My job this evening (in between making my lunch for work tomorrow and showering) is writing a poignant bio on one of the Backstreet Boys. It's a pretty rad challenge, and I'm totally up to it and we'll see how far I get in the next 34 minutes!

So who will it be?

 (such amazing choreography wow)


I chose our good friend Kevin.
supa hot 2(So attractive- am I right, ladies?)

Why Kevin? He was pretty underrated amongst my group of friends; he was never the Backstreet Boy you'd want to take to the preteen dance with you, that's for sure. I felt he needed some encouragement.
not kevin richardson(Even Google forgets him - This is the Kevin Richardson that came up first on Google. I was confused when they mentioned Kevin was a zoologist.)


Kevin Richardson, now 41, of Kentucky joined the Backstreet Boys in 1993 and recorded five albums with the group over a period of 13 years (now Backstreets back - alright - with another album this year I guess). When he joined the group was short a member, so he petitioned his cousin, Brian, to audition for the role and join them in their quest to be sensational pop stars.

cousins wtf

("haha! As if we're related!")

They became ridiculously popular and blah blah blah I didn't really research their discography, but like... Me and my friends totally loved them and there were lots of people at their concerts and things so it's fine. Kevin recalls the time fondly, stating: "we had tons of bras and panties thrown on stage and stuffed animals, and it's frustrating sometimes; we've slipped and fell..."

Media was all about the boy bands back then, my friends. Publicizing the constant rivals and finding out the inner most desires of each band member was every journalist's dream job (I'm kidding don't sue me).
bsb vs nsync(Colour coordination always wins out.)

In fact, People magazine listed Kevin as one of their 'Dreamboats' of the year (With a two page spread. Suck on that, Nick), prompting him to say "People [the magazine] call me the sexiest pop star alive." More hilariously, the New York Times deemed Mr. Richardson the group's "most likely future male model."

"supa hot 3 sexy
(Obviously they missed Howie's AB roll in the Quit Playing Games With My Heart music video)

Kevin did give up his position in the Backstreet Boys in 2006 because he "didn't feel inspired" to perform anymore. Obviously, in the past  he was incredibly inspired to tell the world to get down and move it all around. He returned to the band "full time" in April 2012, and I'm sure everyone is super psyched to have him back (except Nick, who he is rumored to be fighting with).

Ok. Ok. It's not all awkward nostalgia. Researching this particular Backstreet Boy was more fun than I thought it would be. Kevin actually plays instruments - piano, drums and guitar - and in 2003 he composed the soundtrack for the movie 'the Spirit Bear', which Wikipedia said was due out in 2010. He also performed multiple times as the ingenious Billy Flynn in Chicago on Broadway (as well as multiple tour locations). He acted briefly and won an Independent Spirit award for his work. He was Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher that one time. And because everything is connected to Disney in the pop world, Kevin used to work at Walt Disney World in Florida as a costume character. He was most notably Aladdin and one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He now has two kids and a lovely wife and he's touring and it's great and stuff.


Fun extras!

Favourite Music Video:

BSB on Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

Kevin Richardson getting Punk'd:


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