Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Punishment #2

So as it is Tuesday and Crystal has not yet responded to my Challenge it seems as though I need to now think of a punishment. This is a challenge. For me I mean. You see its tricky enough to think of the challenges let alone bonus punishments. So here is how it will work this time. (Also this post is going to be brief because I am tired and want sleep).

Last time I gave Crystal the choice between three punishments which was lovely. So we are going to do that again.

Please complete one of the following punishments THIS WEEK to make up for missing your day on Monday. Please note you still have to do your Monday challenge also.

  • OPTION A - Tell one embarrassing story about your self from Middle School ages (11-13) CANNOT INVOLVE TANYA.

  • OPTION B- you would have to answer the most recent challenge you gave to me (Super Power Choice)

  • OPTION C – take a picture or yourself with a post-it stuck to your forehead that reads as follows: I AM UNTIMELY AND I APOLOGIZE.

So now we get to look forward to Crystal completing this as well as her Monday challenge. To be fair she is the one who said I would need to punish her because she was too busy for Monday's post. So really she should get a pass but she wanted the punishment so here it is. I am going to go for the evening. Because its almost tomorrow.

Anyways Crystal, thank you so much for the blog-style birthday card. I loved it! I will be posting a picture perhaps Thursday or Saturday to show off the gifts you made me. People need to know how amazing you are. And, if you are sad about your punishment, just be glad your not Dobby the House Elf and that you don't have to iron your hands when you misbehave. post-its and stories not looking so bad eh?

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