Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Started with a Stink

Today was not a great day. It started off bad, then got okay and then ended bad.

Okay, to start: Dave was going to go somewhere but then came back. Noodle got out and then proceeded to crawl into the culvert in our drive way. Then a few moments later we heard her freaking out and barking. Dave got a flashlight and then we found out that's where the stupid skunk who eats our trash lives. So Noodle had an argument with it and couldn't get out. So Dave panicked and I panicked but eventually she got out stinking like a skunk's butthole.

So we needed to get her cleaned up and that was a hassle. Then the task of getting rid of the skunk was intense. I don't want to get into the whole thing but it involved a pressure washer and a lot of mistakes. *NOTE TO EVERYONE* If you are going to chase a skunk out of you culvert, close the garage first or they will lodge themselves in there and spray all your stuff.

So we did some running around which was okay but boring. We did get Wendy's which was tasty.

Then we played Donkey Kong 64. It is so hard. I don't understand how they intend children to play this because I can't do any of it.

But then I let the stupid Winston out to pee and then he got out of our makeshift gate and I had to climb on a plastic chair in the dark to get him and then I fell off said plastic chair while holding the stupid little pig onto my elbow and my derriere on the patio stones. So that was stupid. And hurt and I think it will be bruised but right now its green because there are weeds in our patio stones. Ridiculous.

So I have nothing relevant to say today because I am super cranky now. But Crystal A+ on both the challenge and punishment. I am excited about our mustachioed wizard, the mischievous little bastard. (PS. watching so you think you can dance and I want Travis Wall to dance forever and ever. How is he human?)


  1. Oh no!! Did you get the skunk to leave?? Is Noodle still smelly? There are some pretty crafty tricks about getting things un-stinky if you need them.
    Also YES. Travis Wall is basically a dance god.

  2. ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))


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