Monday, August 19, 2013

Punishment #1 - Retrospective Embarrassment

Alright guys - not only did I miss my Friday deadline (I was watching the West Wing on Netflix, oops), I have also been remiss in not posting my punishment. Maybe you guys didn't remember, but I sure did. It was way back in early August - ahh, those were the days - and my internet was down. I missed two posts in a row and I couldn't answer my challenge. Tanya was nice enough to provide me with three options to chose from for my punishment. I decided to go with Option A (see below) because I feel like we're still getting to know each other, readers. You might want really crappy photographs of photographs of glimpses into my past. Maybe? Hmm?

Anyways. This was the exact wording: "OPTION A- post an photo of yourself as a young lady. It can’t be an adorable picture because we all know you were the cutest child, you would have to post something awkward."

All I have to say to you, dear, is this:


You thought


I was




Bonus picture! Me and my roommates (Kris and Andrew) on New Years Eve at my aunt Darlene's house. I don't even remember the year. We look pretty wired and I've probably been crying. I don't remember that sweater either.



  1. pfft all of those are adorable. Your punishment is accepted anyhow. I do think you three should have that last picture someone on your wall in your apartment. We can take an updated one to go with it lol.

  2. Just sayin... OMG TINY KRIS! Sometimes, I wish he never grew LOL [dont tell him that]


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